Old meets New. Vampire from the past

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  1. Random idea I just thought of where a very old vampire is sealed away somewhere and for some reason, whether the other character wishes to free him by mistake or by choice or he just gets woken up, he is freed from his prison but now everything has changed.
    He'd been asleep for so long that the language, scenery, people, manners, everything is different.
    At first the person will probably be confused and hostile but as it goes I was thinking the newer vamp can try to teach him stuff and keep him from killing too many humans or other vampires lol.
    Something like that.
    Can totally change this if anyone has ideas that would work into it.
    He can also have different abilities then the new vampire, like he never adapted and might be able to fly or is stronger, something of that sort.

    I'm not really picky on setting.
    Can do school age or older.
    Only doing a guy x guy one.
    I don't care if it doesn't turn pervy I'd rather have a good story so don't reply if you can't write a decent amount or are only looking for yaoi.

    I can play either of the guys but let me know which one you want to do and why.
  2. I can be the older one, probably because usually my rps are set in the past so it'd be more my thing. I'm going to work in a moment tho so set something up link me and I will build from what you began :)
  3. Ok I'll toss something up in a bit :3