Old Land, New Lives

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  1. America- 2143
    Kal's Bar, Brooklyn, New York City

    "So, what can I get you today huh?" A man grinned behind the counter of a mahogany bar, he looked no older than 30 yet behind him sitting on a shelf were bottles of highly priced scotch, whiskey, bourbon, you name it. The bar was off the beaten path, one of the little holes in the wall. "Scotch, on the rocks." Replied a solemn voice, the man appearing to be about 24, wearing a trench coat and fedora hat. "You know there's a lot of crime around here, right?..." The bartender asked hesitantly, noting the patron's apparent lack of a gun.

    "Yes, I know..." Outside there was screaming, gunshots, and yet a sense of calm. It was controlled chaos, as though the gangs and mafia's that controlled the areas of New York were at peace, with innocents in the crossfire. Neon signs dotted the city, a colorful hue to an otherwise dim world. The patron smiled, taking the scotch in hand and, as he began to sip it, pulled out a small envelope. "You're next, kid." The patron put down the scotch and watched the bartender's face.

    You're Invited to the Venus Corporation

    The sun rises and sets with us, why not take the journey?

    The Venus Corporation- a very well known yet hated name. Those that truly knew their trade- human trafficking, gun running, drug smuggling, extortion, sea to shining sea, stayed far away. Their main base of operations as far as anyone's concerned is Connecticut, where in the old state, no one knows for sure.

    "You're asking me to join the Venus Corporation? Leave everything behind?" The bartender was shocked, though elated. No one in Brooklyn had really gotten over the Great Fracture that left America torn and fallen apart. City-states now controlled much of the wealth, major commercial centers all across the country still hummed, though they're under the auspices of tyrants and kings, for the most part. Some, especially in New England, even have crime syndicates running the show. The big cities aren't the issue, with them Venus can just go on through, it's the smaller cities, the ones that are more numerous and not really very prosperous, that you'd need to watch out for. Trains thankfully connect a lot of the country, and got faster and faster as the years went on- many cities now have Mag-Lev transportation between them. Not all, but many.

    "We'd be going by train, by car, by foot, to deliver packages and run our business. Take it from Connecticut to California, all the way gaining followers and forming a nation. It sounds grand, but trust me, it'll be worth it." The bartender, reluctant at first, nodded. "Who do we call first?" Vladimir, the patron, grinned. "I'll see what I can do."


    Essentially our RP will be a Dystopian road-trip filled with political intrigue, economics, and potentially a few gunfights. Our mission? Carve out parts of the country as our own and make ourselves a legitimate nation. That "sun rises and sets with us" is only a slogan, as our main base of operations is only Connecticut, the South West, to be exact. Factories, blue-collar workers, and crime.

    Story Arcs:

    Part One: Blood Wine- New England Arc
    Part Two: Bibles and Old World Blues- Midlands Arc (Pennsylvania, Carolinas, Virginia)
    Part Three: Plantation Nation- Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Kansas Arc
    Part Four: Texan Pride- Take a guess. Texas and Oklahoma
    Part Five: Cocoa Prophet- Utah and Nevada
    Part Six: Movie stars and Turf Wars- California, Washington, Oregon
    Part Seven: Northern Oil- Dakotas, Michigan, Wisconsin

    The only chronological Arcs will be the First and Second. After that the destination is up to us. This is just an outline as to what I'd have planned. Your characters will, ideally, be old friends of Vladimir/associates. Have them join in at any point in the story, be they drug dealers or even factory workers, the choice is yours. Do realize however that for now we're in New England, TriState area to be exact.
  2. This looks cool. If you're willing to take me, you can count me in.
  3. Is this roleplay gonna launch soon? Not enough people?
  4. I'd be interested in this for sure.
  5. Hey guys totally this will launch. Sorry I didn't know people were interested.
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