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I remember the days before the internet. When I wanted to know stuff, I had to ask my dad or get out one of the Encyclopaedia Britannicas. We had a full set of them in the cupboard, and they were written in the 60s. I used to choose a letter and read through, learning stuff about straaaange countries like Albania and what Americans called "chips".

It took a long time to learn something new, and it was usually from somebody older and wiser than yourself.

I also remember the first time "drive-thrus" came around. I was like "what... you drive past the restaurant and they hand you food through the window?" It sounded fucked up to me, and I felt slightly dirty when I first did it. It was the first time I had food in my car, and it just felt wrong. Plus Mother said it would give me a heart attack, so I only had one a year.

And there were only 4 channels. You had a choice of what to watch, which was usually "sensible stuff", "boring stuff", "moron stuff" or "weird stuff". I usually went for the weird stuff, but Mother said it was written by idiots, so I usually switched back to the BBC after half an hour.

And then Mother bought a mobile phone. It was about the size of a shoebox, with a thick aerial and a black chunky box around it with optional leather case. You had to stand in the garden to use it.

Later we upgraded our Acorn computer to a PC. I remember my Mother screaming "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" the first time I reached for a mouse (mouses were straaaange). She assumed that if I wiggled the mouse the computer would crash during startup. So we both stood at a distance of 5 metres and watched Windows 95 boot up.

Then we screamed as the little paperclip started talking to us.

And I got Scorpinox for Christmas. And Lego pirates.
I also had Lego Pirates. Check that, I still have my Lego Pirates in the garage somewhere. I like to save things like that just in case we end up having kids. Haha.

Anyway, I remember our first computer too. DOS boot up and everything. My dad had one of those 5 lb brick phones too, and actually someone stole it one day. Just imagining a robber trying to run off with that giant, heavy thing is ridiculous to me.

I remember NES games where you couldn't save, so when Mom would make me get off and go play outside, I would turn off the tv and leave the console on in hopes that she wouldn't notice and I could continue my game.

I had to beg and plead for a cell phone when I turned 18.

Remember when blue M&M's were new?
Oh shit, yeah.

And Snickers were called Marathons.

And then Kinder Eggs came along and we were all "SHIT! THERE'S TOYS INSIDE THE CHOCOLATE!"

And Wispa bars. They always made me thirsty.
We didn't have a computer until I was 15. If we wanted a cool Legend of Zelda story, we had to make it up ourselves and play it outside. I had to go to an actual library to write papers. I stepped on my brother's legos a lot. We messed up a nearby creek by damming it and causing it to flood some lawns. >_>

I didn't get a cellphone until I was 20.

Also, Bucky O'Hare and Asterix comics/movies were the shit.
Not as good as Thundercats.
And there goes Asmo rambling on about Brittish things that I don't know about.

Thundercats were cool though. She-Ra could kick all their asses though.


And then Kinder Eggs came along and we were all "SHIT! THERE'S TOYS INSIDE THE CHOCOLATE!"

Kinder Eggs are awesome.

Legos were all the rage, and still are.

AOL was the worst internet service provider ever, but I owe it since it's where I started roleplaying... but I'll never forgive that raspy death scream that modem made when it dialed out.

I remember that type of chocolate. My brother used to scare me by managing to get to it when I wasn't looking, steal the toys but keep the candy intact. I remember being so confused and he'd convince me that I had EATEN the toys.

And I remember when they first tried to shrink CDs. My bro got this tiny little player and we all laughed at him, the CDs were smaller than or the same size as the disks for the Game Cube. It didn't last long, but I remember him screaming at us that tinier players would be cool one day.

I remember being entirely clueless as to what the hell an iPod was.

I remember moving to our new house when I was three. My brother would play with me outside. We were the first house on the block, but there was all the supplies for other new houses. So we played in the sand and gravel dune thingies. Then I remember jumping off of one and kicking my bro in the fact like they do in movies. It had been entirely on accident.

I remember stealing his legos.

And when bean bags were in style.
She-Ra was okay I guess, but I rather watch He-Man or G.I.Joe!

Before my dad had a brick cell phone he had a pager, and would call us on his lunch break from a public pay phone!

I remember being on road trips with more then one car and people would be pulling out their CBs and walkie talkies so we could communicate between vehicles!

Nasty kids TV dinners!

The only game console I had growing up was my Dad's old Atari! I only got to play Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt when I was baby sitting.
heh...Back in the days where you needed a PC to play 'snake' and that was on the HIGH end systems....

I rolled into gaming at an early age, starting With Atari and rolling into Nes, SEGA 16b, Gameboy, and SNES, at the appropriate times. I've played all of those at one point, and still remember most fondly. I have the odd recollection of the berlin wall going down. All these 'normal' people hacking away at this (seemingly random) wall on television is something I sometimes find odd I remembered it at such a young age. The mood in the room must have made quite an impression.

TMNT were all the rage when I grew up. Then again, most things coming from America were cool, and Mcdonalds was my favorite place to go for dinner still (without whiny people going on about 'quality food' and 'those poor cows')

Walkmans...Audio-cassettes...I'm not sure any of the younger people would even RECOGNIZE them anymore...but damn if I LOVED messing around and recording stuff, figuring out how that shit worked...

Also...I occasionally used cassette decks as launching platforms for my wind-up race cars....it was just so cool when I flipped it open and the car went flying....just like the airship in 'thunderbirds' <3
Walkmans! (Walkmen?) I had a bright yellow one.

Oh this thread is great fun.
Remember when the big two names in American Basket Ball was Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan?
Kinder Eggs

i loved Kinder Suprises.

I remember the Colour bars at the end of a Video tape.

and the sound of static, that glorious, trillions of years old sound that came through the TV when no chanell was selected.
I was one of those lucky kids that had a TOTAL GEEK for a father. >:D So I remember always having a computer. Even back in the 80s. But back then he hid his computer in his office room, along with his pot plant and all the other things we weren't allowed to touch. c_____c;;

Man, Dad was cool. D:< He had the pager when it came out, and then the cellphone. Always had a good computer cause he'd work on them himself. At least up until the end of days when mom went psycho cause he was looking at porn on the internets.

I remember when porn on the internets was just green text in those bulletin boards. D:
For once, Asmo's post is the only one I like in the entire thread.