[Ɣ]OID (K-Pop MxM) RP Request.

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  1. ƔOID
    Hello! Welcome to my group, so I've been in the mood to rp kpop, but we will be creating our own band, using OC's. Here's a little bit about the storyline:


    VOID has hit it off the charts, becoming one of the biggest Kpop bands in history, all over the world. But they have been keeping a big
    secret from their fans, they're all gay. Their manager refuses to let them come out, thinking that it will be "bad press." So they are forced to keep it hidden behind the curtain. However as romance stirs on stage between the band members, will they be able to keep it secret?



    1) This will be a multi-character rp. I was thinking at least 3 characters each, but more I'd definitely accepted and encouraged. I love large bands like EXO. ^.^

    2) This can be a 1x1x1 or even a 1x1x1x1 if we find enough partners interested, or this can just be a regular 1x1.

    3) I would like at least 2 paragraphs per reply, but more is encouraged! This shouldn't be too hard considering we are playing multiple characters. ^.^ Third person point of view and descriptive only as well.

    4) Decent grammar and punctuation would be great too! It does not have to be perfect though.

    5) I am looking for either semes/dominants/tops or seke's/switches or a mixture of both in this rp please. I am only comfortable with play Uke and Seke roles. ^.^

    6) Realistic pictures only for this please.

    7) I will be starting the roleplay, which will take place in a thread. Not over pm's or emails.

    8) Most importantly have fun! :)



    **Please fill these out in the pm you send or post this below!**
    ✔ List:
    1. How many characters?
    2. How many seme and Seke characters will you have?
    3. Would you like to do a 1x1, 1x1x1, or a 1x1x1x1?
    4. Triggers/No-go kinks?
    5. Please state any questions or ideas you have here.

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