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  1. Right, hi. First of all, I hope you’re having a pretty decent day. I’m Gomorrah; long time Roleplayer, first time poster on this website. I’ve been Roleplaying for at least six years now, starting on the Saints Row forums and moving on to the Roleplayer Guild; if anyone’s from those places I posted under the name Marik.

    I’m a trans girl from small town North Carolina, my hobbies include cooking, reading, video games, photography, and being weeaboo trash. I’m also an aspiring adult model, but let’s keep this PG.

    I’m mostly just looking to chill and have fun with some other awesome people to be quite honest. Roleplay is a bit of a passion of mine, and I’ve very eager to engage with everyone here. So let’s make some memories, shall we?
  2. shut up v-gomorrah
  3. u got some nerve comin here like this larissa. I didn't almost flunk outta high school 2 have 2 deal with petty fools like urself. I'll mess u up real good m8, I swear.
  4. Hiii Gomorrah! 8D I see you have friends here already. >:D Welcome to the site!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku ^_^
  6. Yooooo, AMARIKanIshtar? I remember you!! Holy shit, it's been a while. It's me, Kagamine! XD Nice to have you around!!
  7. aMARIKanIshtar… Now that’s a name that I’ve not heard in a long time… But shit, what a blast from the past! Good to see you Kaga, and glad to be here!
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  8. Hey Gomorrah.
    Your name totally reminds me of Nel's zanpakuto's name in BLEACH. Even though I'm almost 100% sure it was "Gamuza", and not "Gomorrah". Anyways, welcome to the site :D! Seeing as you're new, come and check out the "Newbie Care Package" thread - there are a bunch of people over there willing to get you started on a sweet path filled with graphics, knowledge, and recommendations who are really nice ^^

    Also, here are some links to starter threads for ya'.
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)

    Help Desk - HELP DESK
    Interest Checking & Creation - INTEREST CHECKING & CREATION
    Seeking One on One Partners - SEEKING ONE ON ONE PARTNERS
    Terms & Rules - Terms of Service and Rules | IwakuRoleplay.com
    BB Codes - BB Codes | IwakuRoleplay.com

  9. Interesting name! ^^ Welcome to Iwaku, @Gomorrah. We're glad to have you here, and if you have any questions or concerns, as Ali said, you can go to our Help Desk or contact us staff. Don't be shy~

    I'd also like to introduce you to our Content forums, where we have lessons, resources, projects and challenges for roleplaying and writing! Come take a look sometime. Hope to see you around!
  10. I have never seen a Saints Row RP before. And now I am kind of curious. How crazy was it, on a scale from bank heist to alien invasion?

    Ahem, anyway, welcome to Iwaku! It's cool to see that there are some old faces here that you might recognize (I know that our site got a decent number of people from RPG that you might see around). If you need help with things, the staff here have shiny red names and are happy to lend a hand. Have fun!
  11. Well this was before the days of saints row 4, so it was more on the end of "bank heist". Though if there had been an alien invasion, it would have been glorious...

    And to all the big important people, thanks for the warm welcome, it’s appreciated!
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