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  1. Name: Sawyer Rei
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’7"
    Birthday: December 5th
    Special Interest/Ability: Singing
    Rose: Yellow
    Host Type: Suave
    Weakness: Heights
    Pet Peeve: pranks
    Nervous Habit: Scrunches nose
    Body Type: Lean
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Other: thin lips
    Family: Family resides in America: Mom / Reneé, Dad / Douglas, Brother/ Danny, and Sister/ Dani (twins)
    Notes: Aspiration- Medical Field
    Reference Image:



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  2. Sawyer adjusted her tie, narrowing her eyes at the knotted mess in the mirror, only to throw it aside, exasperated.
    'I can't believe I was given the wrong uniform...' she thought, shaking her head at her reflection. Grabbing her bag, she closed and locked the door of her one-room apartment, stairs creaking with each passing step.
    The girl gawked at Ouran Highschool's entryway, earning a few odd looks from other passing students, and a soft giggle from a few passing female students.
    Sawyer cringed internally, shaking off the awe and stepping towards her new school. Somehow she'd managed to get into the school based on a scholarship, but this also meant keeping her grades in order unless she wanted to be shipped back to America.
    A tall blond interrupted her train of thought, scanning the girl up and down, taking her arm and dragging her in another direction moments after.
    "Tamaki Suo. You're coming with me," he announced. Sawyer floundered in his arms, pulling away the moment they came to a complete stop. Roses fell around them.

    "I'm leaving," she announced, turning back towards the door, but Tamaki wasn't having it, instead introducing her to the hosts.

    Mori sipped tea with Honey, strawberry tart in hand as Tamaki's newest project was introduced to the other Hosts. As far as he could tell, he seemed handsome enough. Chuckling once, Honey dragged him to further introduce themselves to Sawyer, bouncing playfully as he tugged on the new members hand.
    Sawyer stared at Honey for a long moment.


    Honey pouted, earning a slight chuckle from Mori as he moved to comfort his cousin.
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  3. Name: Shina Iwagata
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5
    Birthday: June 22
    Likes: Baking, Art, Fashion, Shopping.
    Dislikes: Getting dirty, Stupid people, bullies, liars.
  4. Shina entered the school, flipping her hair back behind her. She'd made it just in time to not be late, which was good.
    The rest of her morning had been the usual- the housekeeper made her breakfast after she showered, she got dressed, and was driven to school.
    Her parents weren't home, as usual, and she hadn't heard from them in weeks now.
    It was unusual for them to be silent so long. They usually had an assistant message her, but she just guessed that they were busy.
    Sighing, Shina pulled on the skirt of her uniform, wishing she'd had the tailor take it in.
    Recently she'd lost weight again, and the uniform was now too big on her.

    Making her way to the Host Club, Shina entered the room, yawning. She'd been excited to see Mori again, even though she'd never admit it.
    Seeing him was the best part of her day, since he was the only one who seemed to actually care about her.
    She'd been seeing him in the club for two years now, but had never made a move. It just seemed weird.

    Lately, she'd been skipping classes to come here, since she didn't need to actually be in the classes to pass them.
    She was smart enough to get good grades on tests, and homework, even if she didn't have the notes.
    Most teachers allowed her to borrow their notes, anyway.

    Smiling softly, Shina walked up to where Mori was, and waved shyly.


    Kaoru had been sitting at a table, eating a strawberry tart and drinking some milk, when a new host was brought in.
    It was obviously Tamaki's idea, and those never went well.
    Finishing his tart, Kaoru jumped up and wiped the crumbs off his uniform, clearing his throat.
    The new host was actually pretty cute!

    Deciding to introduce himself, Kaoru smirked and made his way to where Tamaki and the new host were standing.
    "Hello there! I'm Kaoru." He said, holding his hand out, and giving his best 'seduction' eyes.
    This look often worked on pretty much anyone who was around.
  5. Mori smiles at Shina as she waved, looking at an open seat closest to him, before turning back at her and pushing a piece of cake to the empty seat. He could tell she was losing more weight and had even started bringing more healthy snacks from home to help her keep her strength up. She’d always been polite and usually declined, but no harm in trying.

    Hikaru trailed behind Kaoru, giving Sawyer a jealous look, girls swooning at the exchange.
    Sawyer shifted uncomfortably, extending her hand to Kaoru's and giving it a firm shake.
    “Sawyer. Nice to meet you,” she said, Tamaki again flittering by with his exaggerated motions. One of the girls he was entertaining jumped, letting out a cry as her tea was spilled.
    “Oh my, I’ll get you-“ Tamaki began, interrupted by Sawyer who was by the girl’s side in an instant, taking the girl’s hand in her own, eyes transfixed.
    “Here,” she said, revealing a small medical kit she kept in her bag. Disinfecting the burn and bandaging it, the girl watched Sawyer in awe.
    Tamaki chuckled, turning to Kyoya.
    “He’s a natural.”
    “T-thank you,” the girl stuttered shyly. Sawyer looked up from the injury for a moment, expression softening.
    “You’re welcome."
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