OHGAWD. So bored. Please... help.... dying....

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  1. I'm not actually dying, nobody panic. I AM THOUGH; super bored. >( I am looking for a one on one. Hence the reason for being here. :D

    ANYWAYS; I am pretty much willing to do anything at this point in time except horror. Still working on it, but I am possibly starting one and so that's good enough for me! I am also tired of doing my own plots and everybody is tired of doing their plots so lets make up one together, yeah? Yeah. Unless you have one you really want to do. XD Then I'm all down for hearing it.

    Here's the big one; I PLAY MALES. -GASSSSSSP- Yeah. That doesn't mean that I want to play a "strong dominant male plz" for your "halp me I'm the pretty princess" NO. If you want that, have a girl you want to play that has that personality then go. Just go. This is not to say that she can't be like depressed or something if the PLOT CALLS FOR IT. But I don't want to be flooded with requests to be the male that has something to do "I want my girl to be kidnapped" GAWD. No. NOW if we are doing something like Superheros (which has really been sounding appealing lately with a double up) and my evil character kidnaps yours so that he can weaken the superhero then FINE. But that is not the basis and that is not the beginning of the plot.

    Okay. Whew. Rant over. xD For realz though people; let's act civilized. Okay? Okay.

    Like I said I'm good on anything except for horror, but I posted here instead of in the Mature for a reason. Romance can be a part of it (I love it especially when there are complications) and I don't want to have sex in it. It can be implied, but I want something filled with A'SPLOSIONS :rawr: and action, adventure and humor!

    Okay and I take back earlier what I said about not having anything for ideas: If you have ever heard of Song of Lioness and are willing to do that one with me I will find you, give you flowers, kiss you and then leave. Easily my most favorite series EVER WRITTEN. And if you don't know what it is, but my capitalized words entranced you and you want to know more I am more than willing to give you a broad description of the plot because I don't want to follow the whole series. Just the general ideaness of it. (And yes I just used ideaness. Got a prob with that? :D))

    Okay I'm going to sit here, eat my cookie and stare at my chemistry in hope that my will alone should be enough to make it do itself.
  2. I'm open to trying to play a female, and would like to hear more about Song of Lioness; do tell!
  3. Also obviously willing to play a male, depending on the story. :)
  4. When you say Song of the Lioness, you mean the series by Tamora Pierce, right? :D That woman is like my GODDESS! If you want to do a plot for it, I'm totally game! (Also, I play both genders~)
  5. You mentioned it, so I wondered about it. Allow me to Google it and learn of it, and I will let you know. Otherwise, we could start with potentially anything.
  6. Actually...that series sounds rather perfect. I have never read it, so this would have to be fairly loosely based but if you can direct me toward any specifics, in character or plot, then it could be a little closer to the story. From the synopsis, I'd be more comfortable with you playing the female role, whether Alanna or some other name/persona.
  7. Okay. Wow. I'm gone for like a day and it's exploded. I would prefer to do just the one Lioness. [MENTION=4486]Polar_Tear[/MENTION]; I would be far more than willing to do it with you. I have a way to double it up and we both play a female and a male. It's a lot of fun actually. :)
    [MENTION=4325]SirBjorn[/MENTION]: We can do something else because I have lots more that I do. :) I will be PMing you both because I can't keep you straight. :D