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  1. Hello there, Iwaku! My name is Cay, and I was invited here by a friend (ElBell) to join these forums! I am fairly familiar with the roleplaying scene, but I took a pretty long hiatus a while ago. I'm looking to continue RPing, I've had nothing but good memories from it. Hope to get to know you all more, so see y'all around! c:
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  2. Caaaay, you're here! Welcome! I hope you do enjoy being here and that I've managed to find you a place to enjoy roleplaying again ^.^ <3
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  3. Omg, Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! <3

    This is Mari, btw, just so you don't get creeped out. Welcome to Iwaku! :D
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Cay! I have no doubt you will be able to nestle in and make this your new home!
  5. Hi there Cay! ^o^ Welcome!