Oh you know...just another new account ^^

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am DehHiddenAngel, but you can call me Hiddie or Angel. : )

    I am new to the site, but am not new to the role play scene. I have been role playing for about 5 years or so, and have been using the site Gaiaonline. I am over here to find a dedicated partner who I can depend on. I am still on Gaia, but I can't seem to find anyone who doesn't bail on me after the first post. v.v

    I am not strict and am pretty relaxed, so I only expect decent posts when you can, but please I do not want to wait a week or more for one post.

    I am into ANY genre, but I do not do same sex ones. Sorry, it's just not my style. Here is just a list of what I have done before and don't mind doing:

    KRPs (Korean RPs)
    Dinosaur/Jurassic Park
    Zombie/Apocalypse Style
    Fantasy (Werewolf, Vampire, Elves, etc)
    Fandoms (Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket, Ouran HS Host Club, and more)
    Time Traveling (Not DW though)
    Video Game
    YouTubers/Web Series

    I am sure there are more, so if you have an idea, just hit me up. I am really free on any ideas and really want to roleplay, so if you have a group or am looking for a 1x1 (or 2x2) just send me a message or reply here. : )

    I Hope I get use to this site and I hope I will be a regular here!
    'Tis be an experienced roleplayer?
    WELL I'M NOT. (1 year barely. qq)

    I like most of them genres. *^* You have deh best taste.

    be my friend pls
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  3. Welcome to the madness xD. Enjoy your stay and be aware of the flying marshmallows ~
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  4. Thank You!!
    I would say I am experienced, yes, but I am still growing and learning more! : )

    Of course I will be your friend :blush:
  5. Thank you! Oh! I shall try -crouches down to avoid any flying marshmallows-
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  6. aw yeh dawg.
    I talk like dis from time to time, dawg.
    Aw yeh.
    -is a slow learner-
    -cries in the corner because of being a slow learner.-
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  7. Hi there Hiddie! :D Welcome to the siiiiiite!
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  8. Oh! It's fine.
    Everyone learns at their own pace and there is no right or wrong when learning. : )
  9. There is a wrong way to learn in rp
    (ahem me starting out with one liners and then realizing OH CRAP DAT AINT OK )
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  10. SO true...or using txt tlk....haha
  11. Okay I admit I never did that
    It hurt my eyes and it's a hassle to type
    I don't even use the regular way of typing!
    ( putting lefty fingers on ASDF -space- and righty fingers on -space-JKL;)
    I used about 3-4 fingers to type...
    I'm weird
    but you already knew that :cryingeyesout: