Oh Why Hello!

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  1. My name is Kelly. Call me Kels, please. :)

    All right, well huh. Ugh, I hate being a newb. ^^; It's so awkward trying to introduce yourself. This is my first time role playing on a website. I think my story writing is fair, but character development is one of my better abilities. It's been a while since I've creatively written anything to be honest, so I guess this is the a good place to begin. I'm really open to anything and well, I have no idea what to say right now.
    Sorry. ^^ Hah. ~
  2. Hello and welcome to iwaku so glad to have you!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Kels. I've been to the land of Ooo. It's nice there.
  4. Welcome! :) I hope you have a grand time here. ^_^
  5. Eep. ^^ Thanks for such a friendly welcome everyone. <3
  6. Howdy Miss Kels! <3 Welcome to the site!