Oh White Rabbit!

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  1. "How doth the little crocodile
    Improve his shining tail,
    And pour the waters of the Nile
    On every golden scale!
    How cheerfully he seems to grin,
    How neatly spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in
    With gently smiling jaws!"

    Hello! You can call me Lottie. Some things are best left written, as I'd always like to say, and so please without further ado:

    I hail from the cold mountains of the north, with hair like flame, and eyes like the pale white snow. I drink the raven's blood for breakfast and eat the stag's heart for dinner.

    No, not really. I'm so excited to -hopefully- have found a good place to role play and meet fellow role players! I'm a lengthy paragraph kind of gal when it comes to my roleplaying so I hope to see you guys in word combat!
  2. Hi there Lottie! You sound like a very scary person to meet alone out in the middle of the woods! O_O That should be fun! <3 welcome to the community!
  3. welcome to the club! I look forward to hopefully doing some Roleplaying with you soon. You're a very intriguing individual...:)
  4. Thanks you guys, I really do appreciate it!