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  1. I'm Phoebe and as you can see I'm very new to this forum. I'm 15 and I'm Australian. I like K-Pop and my favourite band is Exo. I hope I have a great time here. ^^

    (My hands hurt because I was clapping hard... ; v ; )

    Welcome to the community! I really hope you enjoy it on here! ^_^
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Phoebe! Hopefully you find you like it here. ^_^
  4. Thanks Ocean, I hope there's other people on here who likes K-Pop like me. I know you do. :3
  5. Thanks Santario! Hopefully I will. ^^
  6. There is bound to be!
    I'm sure I've seen some people on here that like k-pop! I know there's people that like anime.
  7. Awesome. Because I really want to start a roleplay involving K-Pop idols.
  8. Omg, awesome!! *.*
  9. Howdy Phoebe! :D glad to see you have buddies already!<3 welcome to the community!
  10. Thank you for the kind welcome. Shin-Jones is my best friend and she was the one who invited me to the forum. ^w^
  11. I'm really, really, happy you decided to join, Phoebe!

    1. Because this is a wonderful place to roleplay,methought. Haven't roleplayed here myself because for some reason Imm scared.
    2. You cold meet some really cool roleplayers. :)
    3. Now I know someone and I'll be less scared!
    4. And so much more!!
  12. Welcome to Iwaku, Phoebe!
  13. I would make a parody of a K-Pop song to welcome you to the forums but I'm a little hazy on my Korean right now (by which I mean I know none at all XD)... Anyway, welcome, FetusMaknae!
  14. *Throws confetti* Welcome to Iwaku, I would say I'd give you cake, but computers are lacking in the point to point transportation ability for moving baked goods across the ocean. Sorry!

    Oh wait...

    :birthday::coffee: Cake and bonus coffee!

    Here's hoping you enjoy yourself here, it's a pretty awesome place!
  15. Thanks everyone for you warm welcome. I really appreciate it.
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  16. *spots EXO mentioned and pops up out of nowhere* Someone say EXO and K-pop? *smiles* New friend~! *hugs*
  17. xD

    See, Phoebe? There are people! xD
  18. Friend~ /hugs back/ Yay someone who can some K-Pop roleplays with me~ ^^
  19. Yes, all the K-pop roleplays *smiles*
  20. Ahha sweet! Hey if you ever want to do a K-Pop roleplay with me, let me know~
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