Oh the humanity serial killer roleplay

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  1. Name: Jessica
    Age: 14
    Likes: Being alone,being inside,animals, reading, and music
    Dislikes: everything
    Bio: She is a sweet girl but she tells lies though as she was taught to tell lies from her father she rather stays alone then to be around others Jessica stays in her room all the time she rarely goes outside only at night or when she is tried of her father Jessica rarely eats or talks.

    *I'm different from the others as my mom is gone and my dad is a killer i'm home schooled I rather much stay in my room when I was 10 my dad gave me my first knife a big butcher knife I keep it in my room just in case my dad has one close friend of his she is super nice but she kills also she loves to torture her victims they started to tech me how to kill both of them I rather not kill only when i'm angry I feel that way I am also sneaky and my father taught me to lie but he does protect his family even though he is a serial killer he has a soft side almost every serial killer does like his friend she has a soft side.* What to listen to? *I hear a knock I groan and get up go downstairs unlocking the door as my dad was sleeping or either killing I open to see my father friend there waving I wave back*

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