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  1. Whats up Iwaku? decided I want to do some 1x1 and see who likes the ideas I have. For the most part I want to do like more realistic things, with a touch of romance in some cases. When I say realistic I mean physically realist in the realm of the RP. One of my ideas is with magick and I will go in depth on that one later if anyone is interested; but to keep myself from rambling let me lay out the rules.
    1. The site rules come first, no matter what.
    2. I am a big push for moral ambiguity so if you can't hang then well yea.
    3. I may kill one or both of us depending on what choices we make.
    4. When it comes to the subject of sex, I don't care about it either way. If you want to do a scene bad enough or we get to a point that it is what is going to happen, well that's what PMs are for.
    5. Don't be afraid to give me your suggestions during our RP.
    6. I want to see a basic CS just like name, age, personality, appearance, and the important things.
    7. This color means it will be romantic, mostly.
    Now to my two scenes I really just am dying for.

    Wilderness Survival
    I don't know what started this kick but I have wanted to do so many survival RPs its not funny. Anyways for this scene we are out hiking/camping in Yosemite Forest and wind up lost. As it is we left our phones because we thought we would remember our way back to the car, leaving us stranded in the woods with just what we came with. Now I'm okay with one gun if it is civilian issue and not overpowered even then. The point in this is to see how our characters would react to this set of circumstances.

    Zombie Survival
    Here is one a lot of you may find to your liking. Now the way this one is going to go a bit like, decades after the initial spread of zombies, the remainder of human life has, in recent, clustered up in the hulls of major cities. Fortifying the larger military bases, the doctors slowly making progress on old research of the cure. There a bands of wanders traveling from base to base sharing stories, hard documentation of cure research and other things that can't be sent over radio; and with that said there are few seen lone travelers, people that can't handle the loss of friends or a partner. People that have learned to live off of the land in places others fear to live. The few that are seen come to the nearest bases to trade good, restock on ammo, and so-on. As I come into a base one day you are curious to what life on the outside is like. So as I go to leave you pack up your most important belongings and follow me out. That's where it will start.

    Mage x Mage
    Stoner x Straight Arrow
    Murderer x Cop/Detective/You get the idea
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Cafe Owner x Patron

    OC Trainer x OC Trainer

    OC Dovahkiin x OC
  2. Im interested in the stoner X straight arrow pairing if you are still interested.
    Im also cool with doing one of your top 2 plots at the same time.
    Let me know if your interested!!
  3. I think vampire x human would be interesting with the Wilderness Survival plot!
  4. Your Pokemon one seems interesting. Your wilderness survival one does too.
  5. If you're still looking and think we could work together, I'd be interested in the Zombie Survival, Pokemon or Skyrim one~
  6. If you would be interested, I would love to have a roleplay with you. Anything is fine with me to be honest.
  7. I'd be totally down for the skyrim one!
  8. I'm interested in the vampierxhuman pairing if you're still looking
  9. Pokemon
    OC Trainer x OC Trainer I am interested in doing
  10. I'm interested in the Zombie Survival :D
  11. I'm interested in MurderxDetective and VampirexVampire. If you are still looking pm me!
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