Oh no! I've been coaxed by a Lich!

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  1. Come closer
    I dare you to fall asleep
    Cross my heart and hope to die within my sleep

    As I believe I'm being stalked inside a dream
    I start to run, my legs are numb, I beg you please
    My blood dries out, my body's cold, the rivers freeze
    The rivers freeze

    Are you ready to... Be undead?
    A terrible lich has frozen you in time...
    And your only way out is to become further than human.
    You've woken up, here, whoever you are. Man, woman, it does not matter any more, as your skin dries out and the petals fall. You're within a room, where half of your body is submerged, including your mouth.
    Spitting, gasping for air, you wake yourself up. Little do you know, your lungs have long decayed, and your limbs had been encased with iron shackles.
    Your journey is going to begin now.

    You've a few options available to you. Though, that is for you to think up, to work out, to discover how to break free of this temporary prison. You've a lich to hunt and destroy! Though... Perhaps you'll find something which makes you want to join such a being...


    Character sheet:

    Age|| (before being undead, for physical purposes)
    Class|| (Mage? Warrior? Rogue? That's all.)
    BRIEF history|| (before being undead, you live in a semi-fantasy, semi-realistic world)
    FIVE points describing personality||


    I'll be entering as a character of my own, which I'll edit into this post sometime. We could have this as a small three person group; but no more, please.
    First come, first serve.

    Posting Expectations: Two to Four Paragraphs a post.
    Frequency of Posts: Once or more every two days. ​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.