Oh No.. <3

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  1. It seems Iwaku has sucked me back in again. I need me some RP's my loverlies! I'm open to any kind of genre, just give me a call, I'm your gal ;)
  2. You caught me at steampunk!
  3. I wish I could catch more people. I've got one person signed up for Utoria, and none for Saving eternity
  4. Well you've got me for Saving Eternity!
  5. haha awesome
  6. Hey, I'm looking for a roleplay partner. I'm a bit of a roleplay veteran, but I'm new to forums roleplay. I would love to do some 1 on 1 with you. I prefer roleplaying as female characters, and I enjoy romance, though not the love at first sight crap. My dream story is a society under a totalitarian government, exploring citizen life in a world where citizens are closely monitored, and have little freedom.
  7. I'm looking for a Vampire Diaries based rp. Different plot, though. If you're familiar with/ a fan of it, at all?
    This is my general idea.

    I'm specifically looking for a Damon, but I'd be more than happy to play something you've been craving in return. Provided I'm familiar with it, if it's a fandom. If not, I'm generally pretty fantastic at creating my own characters.