Oh My Vikings!

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Name: Runa
Age: 23
History: Runa was born in Ireland in a time where warfare was rife and the country was unstable, for vikings raid towns and villages all the time. Runa's father was a great worrier and taught his child how to hold a sword and to fight. Her mother taught her the healing skills. Her father had died in a battle two years ago and Runa helps her mother take care of the farm and helps with her younger brother and sister.

Plot: For a time raids have stopped and people have become less fearful and a little more at ease. However one day they return and attack Runa's town and attack their small farm. Runa of course doesn't just lay down she fights back and this is surprising for she is a women and the worriers are not used to seeing a women hold her own. One man, the leader of the worriers, is surprised and finds her fascinating and decides he will not kill her but take her back to his land. At first he keeps her as a slave but he finds him self falling for her and wants her for his wife and fighting partner.

Now we can discuss this further work out any bugs. I am thinking that there is a women he goes to that tells his fortune and tells him he is going to be become a great man, like a king, and Runa is a big part in that and that just reinforces his want and need for her.And yes I need someone willing to be forceful and who is a hard and tough viking

And if you do not mind I have a picture of the man I would like you to play (He is just sooo yummy!} >.> But I am willing to take other pictures if this one doesn't work for you!

Not open for further replies.