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  1. Just one mafia in a city can be quite a pain but when there is two, well that's just a whole bunch of chaos. There are two mafia families in the city, these families fight each other constantly for power over the city. The mafia's didn't really care what was going on with the city until a new cop came to town. This cop is trying to track the two families down and stop them. This cop however has his own problems. His wife died years ago and he has a daughter who has gotten fed up with him never being home. This is where the real story begins.

    Alice is this new cops daughter. She a beautiful girl with very long black hair and bright blue eyes. Now, she decided to leave her father so she grabbed a few bags and stormed out of the house. The only thing is she had no place the go. She's a young 19 years old woman walking alone and now straight into mafia territory. An area of the city where the two families do quite a bit of fighting with each other. She's going to end up right into the fight in more ways than one.

    Basically the two mafias are going to take an interest into Alice and end up adding her into the 'objects' that they fight each other for. At least right now they don't know she's the daughter of the cop who's hunting them down. You can be any mafia person, in any of the two families or a cop or what ever you can come up with. I will put an OOC thread if people actually join.
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  2. Crayden was a man who always did his best to look out for others, whether it be defending his fellow officers in the line of duty, or watching the backs of those he swore to protect, he would always do what he could to make sure as many lives were spared as were able to be.

    He was young, only 21, but he knew the ins and outs of the force and the Mafia families, as he was the second son of Don Kilawalowitz, one of the major heads in the city, as well as an undercover agent for the force, under a different name, working for the other family, who's name he could never remember.

    He had gone to visit his friend and fellow officer as he saw his daughter storm from the house, a look in her eyes that he couldn't quite place. He made sure not to be seen by either and slowly followed the girl, doing his best to keep out of sight, yet he was compelled to reach out to her, which eventually caused him to call out to her.

    "Hey, Alice, it's me, Crayden. What's wrong?"
  3. Alice jumped, startled by the sudden call of her name. She turned quickly finally noticing who it was. She made a sigh. "Geez Crayden. Don't sneak up on people like that. You scared me." She said to him, then began to pout. "What's wrong, why would anything be wrong." It was obvious she wasn't going to admit that she just had a fight with her dad or that she left. The suitcase she had though still might give something away.
  4. Crayden looked at her sympathetically, a soft smile crossing his face as he motioned to her suitcase.
    "If you need a place to stay, you can crash at my place for a little while."
    He pointed in the direction of her house before continuing.
    "If you want, I won't tell you dad until you're ready, okay?"
  5. Alice looked down and kicked her bags lightly. "Well, I wasn't really sure where I was going to go, so I guess just for a little while." She said, she figured she would be alright there. It's not like she had anywhere else either. "And, yeah...it would be nice if you wouldn't let my dad."
  6. Crayden took her hand with a smile, and gently pulled her in the direction of a large building, pointing at the top as they drew near.
    "I live on the thirteenth floor, in room 13. I guess you could call it the penthouse suite. My father added it onto the building when I moved out and became an officer."
    After entering the building, the pair were greeted by a large room, not unlike a common hotel lobby, with a large desk affixed to its center, a small man standing next to what appeared to be a mail shelf, apparently reorganizing mail, as they passed it and entered the elevator.

    Crayden pulled a key from his pocket and pushed it into the slot marked 'Roof', turning it clockwise until it clicked, causing the elevator to move upwards.
    After a short while, the elevator stopped and opened up to a large room filled with furniture, pictures and papers lining the walls, and doors at every turn.
    "This is my dad's idea of simple living, so it may be a bit to take it all in, yet I try to at least live simply, despite living in such a grand place. If anything, it can get pretty lonely having all this space to myself, so you're welcome to stay as long as you like."

    He brought her to the door nearest the elevator, smiling as he opened it, revealing a large room with a bed sitting at its far side, the rest of the room filled out like something out of a 5 star hotel, with a door leading to a large bathroom, a walk-in shower in one corner, and a the rest of the essentials spaced across the other side of the room.
    "This is the Master Bedroom, where you'll be staying, I hope it's to your liking."
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  7. Alice took everything in. "Wow, I didn't know you had such I nice place. Much different than my dad's house." She commented, observing each area of the place. "Are you sure to want to give me this room. It seems like it would be yours." She was still surprised too much to get anything else out of her mouth.
  8. Crayden wrapped his arm around her and smiled.
    "That's because it is my room, silly. It's fine. You deserve to sleep in a bed, and I thought that my bed would be better than the one in the couch."
    He set her luggage on the bed and walked into the living room, then went through a large door near the back of it and returned with a couple unlabled bottles, taking one and handing the other to Alice.
  9. Alice grabbed the bottle. "What's this for?" She asked him as she sat down on the bed. She felt strange taking his room but he did offer it after all. She would just try her best to find somewhere else to go so she wouldn't be bothering him for long. Maybe she could find a job and start to pay for her own place.
  10. Crayden could tell Alice felt a bit uncomfortable taking his room, so he decided that now was a good a time as any to tell her the true reason behind why he'd decided to bring her here.
    "It's a special soda I made a few years ago. It's to welcome you here. You see, my father wants me to get married and take over the family business, but I don't want to. He says that my older brother is too irresponsible to lead the family, and I, being the next son, should take over the Family in his stead."
    He looked at her, sadness filling his eyes.
    "I told him how I feel about you, and now he's got his men looking for you. I didn't want to drag you into any of this, but my old man's persistent. He wants me to get married and become the Don before I turn 23, and he doesn't care how he has to do it... That's the real reason I decided to bring you here: so I could keep you safe."
    He sat next to the bed, covering his face with his left hand to hide his tears.
  11. Alice listened, she didn't know any about this. "I...I didn't know anything about your family. What's the business?" There were other things she wanted to ask, what did he mean by feel about her. Did he just mean she was a good friend and since he said that his father thinks something of it or does he mean something else. "Why would you have to protect me?" She continued. "You don't have to worry, I am my dads daughter he did teach me some things. Please don't be upset." She lifted her hand and put it on his shoulder.
  12. He set his hand on hers, gripping it tightly, but doing his best not to hurt her, as he looked at her, his tears finally ceasing.
    "My full name is Jonathan Augustus Crayden Kilawalowitz. I'm the second son of Don Kilo. I became an officer so that I could help end this fighting between the two Families, but it just keeps on getting worse...
    I got you involved in something that I shouldn't have, so I'm trying to keep you safe.
    I don't want my dad to force you to do something you might not want to.
    We've known eachother for quite a while, right?
    Well, I-...I told him how I've loved you for the longest time, and now-... now he wants to force you to marry me...
    I care about you too much to let him make you decide, so I went to your house to get you, only to find that you'd run away.
    I know it's not right of me to ask you to stay, since I got you involved in this, but I just want to keep you safe..."
  13. Alice was silent, taking everything in. She couldn't have even guessed any of this. "I...I didn't know about any of this Crayden...I mean Jonathan. It must be hard on you." She paused, thinking about the rest of what he had said. She began to blush, love? He loves me? she thought. "I'll stay with you, okay you don't have to worry about that anymore." She made a small smile to try to make him feel better, her face still red.
  14. "Dad calls me Jack, his underlings call me Sparky, and my close friends call me Crayden, you can call me whatever you wish to." Crayden said, his eyes lost in hers, "I promise you won't regret your decision. I'm going to make sure that nothing happens to you while I'm around, and if something does, I'm going to do everything in my power to get you back. Hey, guys do crazy things for the woman they love."
    A smile was plastered onto his face as he stood.
    "I'm going to fix dinner. It's one of my own recipes, so I hope you like it."
    He walked into the kitchen and grabbed several items from the pantry before moving to the oven and stove.
    Afterstove after a short while, he called out to her: "Food's ready."
    The table was set with fine china plates and silver, a pot in the middle of the table, covered with a large towel.
    "Have a seat anywhere you like, what's mine is yours, my dear."
  15. Alice let him walk away, she stayed sitting there for a moment while he made food. The woman they love, she thought. How did she feel about this, she thought, she just didn't know. Did she like him or didn't she, she just couldn't figure out how she felt. She was lost in thought until he called out to her. She stood up off the bed slowly and walked out to the Kitchen. She took the seat that was closest to where she walked in and sat down. "It all looks really good, Crayden."
  16. Crayden smiled at her compliment as he served her her food, bowing his head and praying a moment before the door burst open and closed again as a small man with a pinstipe suit and large, thick, rectangular glasses entered, his toupe hanging on by a small patch of hair before he readjusted it and ran over to Crayden.
    "Sparky, the Don's looking for you." the little man said, his eyes full of fear, "He changed the deadline for when you have to get married. It's in six months, before the 13th."

    Crayden pondered on the date for a second, then understanding what it meant, he stood and rubbed the bridge of his nose, facing away from the man.
    "Yuri, do you mean on Christov's wedding day?"
    Yuri nodded, the look in his eyes confirming Crayden's fears.
    "What's my father thinking? Does he truly plan on letting my lazy, possessive, demanding, controlling, warmonger of an older brother become the Don? Dad let me be an officer so that he could help stop the fighting without looking bad in front of his subordinates, but he doesn't know that Chris just wants to sate his lust for blood, wine, and women."

    "Vinny's waiting for you, Sparky. He said it was important. He's at the usual place. I'll see you later, Boss." Yuri added before going out in the same manner he came in.

    Crayden shook his head, a smile on his face as he thought aloud. "Vincent. Now he'd make a good Don. He's very charismatic, but he knows when and when not to do something. He's a smart kid, but he's the whole reason I have to be the Don in the first place, so that Little Vinny can live his life how he wants, instead of being forced to put the Family's interests above his own."
    He turned to Alice, a sad look in his eyes as he sat down, the smile fading from his face as he stared into her eyes, eventually becoming lost in them before shaking his head and speaking, his face a deep red.
    "So, Alice, what are we gonna do now?"
  17. Alice was about to eat something when this man came barging into the room. She watched speechlessly as he spoke to Crayden about somethings that she didn't quite get. So..he was telling truth about his father and everything. Well, at least she didn't have to worry if it was all a lie just to get her at his house. She was in thought when the man finally left. She pulled herself out of it when she saw him turn back to her and ask a question. She stared at him for a moment unsure of what she should tell him. "I...I don' know. I guess you should go talk to that person who wants to talk to you." She pulled her head down and poked the food with her fork. "I'll be fine here."
  18. Crayden smiled and walked over to a window, opening it as a gush of cool air entered the room. He stuck his head outside and motioned for someone to come over as he pulled himself back in, followed by a man with medium length brown hair, a pointed nose, and deep brown eyes. He was wearing a black suit with a white under shirt opened at the top where a tie would have been, his small, silver shoes offsetting his look immensely.

    The man looked over Alice as he and Crayden got to the table, a smirk on his lips as he spoke.
    "So, this is the famous Alice. I can see why you're set on her and why father's pushing so hard to get you to marry her. She's quite the desert flower."
    He turned from her and looked to his brother before continuing.
    "But that's not really important. You've got problems Crayden, and all of them're big."

    Crayden looked at Vincent, a curious look crossing it before his brother continued.
    "Crayden, Chris's looking for the girl. He's got agents everywhere, even in the-"
    "Police Department? Our Family? Tell me something I don't know." Crayden interrupted. "Vinny, you're a smart guy, could you map out an escape route to my other safe house? The one we built a few years back?"

    Vincent pulled a large piece of paper out of his jacket, placing it in Crayden's hand. "Already done." He hugged his brother before returning from whence he came, wishing him "Good luck." before shutting the window on his way out.

    Crayden walked over to Alice, smiling as he unfolded and placed the map on the table.
    "He's a genius, alright. He even went and marked possible alterations to the route and even the location of all the secret entrances in the city. Man, I love that guy. So, where would you like to start first?"
  19. Alice was again surprised, all these people coming into his place so strangely. When Vinny started to complement her she began to get a little red in the face. "I'm not really." She whispered to herself as they talked. She couldn't understand much of what was happening. She looked at the paper that was placed on the table in front of her. "I don't know. There." She pointed to a random spot on the map, not even knowing what he wanted her to choice for. "What are we starting?"
  20. Crayden looked at Alice, then back to the map, a mischievious look in his eyes and a grin on his face.
    "We, my dear, are going to go to my other home, which only a few people know of, to hide you from my father until I can get him to give up on forcing you to marry me.
    If you ever marry me, I at least want it to be because you genuinely love me, and not because you're forced to."

    He genlty held her hand in his as he spoke those words and looked at where her finger had been, his smile widening as he stared at the page.

    "You're a genius. The scrap yard's one of the safest places to get out of Dad's territory and into the Neutral Zone.
    If we can make it there, you'll be safe until I know we're not being followed, then I can make sure to get you to my safe-house quickly."

    He touched different points on marked on the map as he spoke, stopping where all the lines did.
    "This is the safe house. The Neutral Zone is this are around it. This side of it belongs to my father, the other belongs to the other Don. As long as we stay in the Neutral Zone, we can't be hurt by either side, yet the rogue officers aren't affected by the Pact of Neutrality, since they're suppossedly upholders of the law, so we need to be careful not to let them know where we are."

    Crayden shook his head as he continued.
    "Your father and eleven others are the only ones that aren't on a Don's payroll.
    I'm a special case, but that's just because I have legitimate ties to both Families, and the Force uses me to find out things about both. I'm nothing but a common spy..."

    Crayden folded the map and placed the small square into his inner pocket before slowly walking over to the window and turning back to Alice, his eyes filled with sorrow and rage..
    "I still can't believe he didn't believe me when Vinny and I told him that Chris was the one who planted the bomb that killed our mother.
    That's the whole reason the Families are fighting again: because both think the other killed my mother, who was the other Don's older sister.
    The only reason the Neutral Zone even exists is because it was my mother's idea, and the place where my parents were married."
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