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  1. Ok.. Umm, hi..!~ .... Jeez, I've got no clue what I'm doing.. Am I just supposed to say "Hi guys! I'm a new member and blabla words stuff bla!~"? Hn.. Oh well, lets just hope what I'm about to say doesn't somehow come back to haunt me somehow..

    I have. No clue. What the regulations are as for what this site really IS.. I know it's an anime role play site.. Ok.. That kicks some serious arse.. But what anime? Are they all allowed or is it focused on just one..? Ah well, that's about it..

    To sum things up: Hi! I'm new, clueless, and am really looking forward to being a part of this site!!~
  2. Hiya and greetings from the Unofficial President of the Unofficial Newbie Welcoming Committee. ^_^
    Everyone here won't mind helping you ease into Iwaku forum and life or to help show you the ropes or answer any questions you may have. Before you even realize, you'll would have found your niche in no time. Well I do hope you enjoy your stay here on Iwaku while having fun in the process. Feel free to contact me if you may want a roleplay partner or someone to help direct you to potential roleplays of interest. I have some of my own plus I have some friends who wouldn't mind having an extra player to bolster their cast.

    Best regards
  3. To answer the question of what KIND of roleplay... it's not just an anime roleplay site. We're a all-genre roleplay site! :D Any kind of roleplay setting you want. Be it a fandom or an original creation.

    So you can join any sort of roleplay you desire with any sort of plotty, or start one yourself and kidnap people!

    And that starts by filling out the "roleplay resume" part of your Profile. >:3 From there, you can just run around in circles and see what interests you the most. We have a Jump In area where you don't have to signup first and you can just jump in and play. OR you can browse the Signups forum for joinable roleplays, or make private rp requests.
  4. Oh, joyus.. 1:31 AM.. Is that considered morning or nighttime.. Ah, whatever. Glad to hear it, man! I can't wait to get involved in some role playing stuff, it took me forever to find a good anime rp site..!

    So, my understanding so far is that (if I went to write a bio) I could put things from different animes in a mish-mash kind of thing to make my OC? Ex: Soul Eater, Death Note, Elfen Lied, etc.. Is that true or do I have to focus on one particular thing?

  5. You can mix and mash how ever your heart desires. >:3
  6. That is so awesome!! I'm gonna go write my character bio, like, now!~

    Wish me luck, and thanks a google!~ (Google is actually a really large number. o3o)
  7. Hi Scarrlet, welcome to Iwaku. I'm Ozzie. PM me if you have any questions!
  8. Well hello there and welcome to Iwaku!
    Single genre is a thing of Iwaku's distant past - once upon a time we were a .hack site.
    No longer, however!
    We play many different genres of roleplay, from super scary horror and mystery roleplays to candy sweet slice of life romances. You'll find lots of places to sign up in the Roleplay Signup section!

    If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to ask!
  9. HULLO.
    -Gives Shattered a cookie of wondrous delicious proportions.-<3
    ^__^ Welcommmme.<3
    I'm Staci.
  10. Eee, cookies!!~ -happily eats the cookie given to me-

    I shall dance with you, Staci! >:D
  12. Welcome Boom Box!

    We are a multi-genera RP site, so all one has to do is create their own RPs. We aren't a "single" RP sort of site. We have everything from Sci Fi, Steampunk, Magical Realism, Fantasy, War Epics, etc. We believe that people have more fun when a site is open to more than one sort of world view.

    Also...Don't feed Vay. He's a grumpy little kroot.
  13. Heheh, boom-box..~

    Alright, awesome!!~ I hope that my latest thread in the signups will be allowed to progress..~

    Thanks for all the welcomes, everyone!!~