Oh Hi Therrrre XD

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  1. I never introduced myself when I joined Iwaku--- so um....

    Here goes nothing XD

    I'm Melanie-- and I like roleplaying (obviously), writing, playing Pokemon, and fangirling over Bucky Barnes.
    And more fictional characters but that doesn't matter.

    Most of you in this thread section may know me for this---


    I'm more than just that I swear ^

    As you can see, I'm open to group rp invites-- but just to let you know... I don't do well in group rp's ;-;
    I'm better off rp'ing with myself, or doing 1x1's .__.

    If I know everyone in the group well though, I'll probably be comfortable with group rp'ing-- but that's probably the only time I'll group RP XDD

    (I'm shy at first-- but I don't bite shhh... then when we're friends, I'll probably the most hyperactive girl you know OwO)

    Okay bye XDD

    Just thought I'd introduce myself here OwO
  2. XD oh man, I never thought I'd see eggman/robotnik doing that o.o But anyways hope you enjoy your stay here :P and I kinda hope to see more things like seductive banana eating eggman going around once in a while just for comedic relief X3
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  3. Hiiiii Melanie! O_O
  4. Sup