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Oh hi there

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Acquariana, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Hello people. I'm Acquariana and I like to role play so I joined. Hopefully my stay here will be pleasant. Anyway, hello everybody!
  2. Welcome to the site, I'm glad you joined!
  3. Acquariana, hello. Do you remember me from TinierMe? I'm new too~
  4. *Road Rage bursts out of the ground.*

    Fresh meat...
  5. I didn't forget you! Hey girl :].
  6. *Appears out of a plot hole*

    Someone say fresh meat? 'Cause I could use a couple bodies to harvest from. We're running low on kidneys again....
  7. *Road Rage shotguns Grumpy.*

    An' the trap has been sprung!

    You just got shotgunned...
  8. *Grumpy's arm falls off*

    Dude... seriously, you gotta stop doing that.
  9. *Road Rage immolates Grumpy with his heat breath.*
  10. Welcome to the site.

    *Falls down a plot-hole*

  12. Ok, so that makes another recruit from tinierme.com!
  13. Thank you for welcoming me, everybody :].
  14. Gosh wow imagine if this place gets as wild as the last one~ >///<
    We should put up a banner or something XD
  15. *Rolls into thread.*

    Welcome new lady~

    I'm me, so therefore I am. I'm one of the Admins. You can fear me or love me. Either way it's all good. Remember don't feed the Shos. They breed like rabbits!
  16. .... Careful of that one...
  17. Welcome, welcome! Just sidestep the army guys, they get a little vicious sometimes! >>
  18. Welcome ~ Allow me to help if you need anything :)
  19. Yo.

    Still working on getting the reciepe for the cookies and tea before I can give them out so your out of luck, but if your interested later I should have them.