Oh, hello. :D

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  1. My name is Auburn, pleasure to meet everyone. :D
    I'm open to anything, really and I'm usually quick to adapt to new things.

    Don't be afraid to talk.~
    I'm not all too mean.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Auburn!
  3. Thank you. :D How are you? :3
  4. Hallo There Auburn! Welcome to the community! <3
  5. Thank you! :D
  6. Welcome to our little site, Auburn!
    What kind of genres are you into?
  7. Oh so many.
    Action, comedy, romance, smut, adventure, horror, casual.
    Zombies and aliens should have their own category.
    Just saying.
  8. Welcome! Hope you have a nice time here. And yes, zombies/aliens have their own place in the world in my mind.
  9. They own their own category/genre.
    And thank you!
    If any of you ever want to roleplay, please don't be shy.
    I'm pretty nice once you get to know me.
  10. Are you going to tell us next that you "don't bite... Often"?
  11. Ah,
    biting comes with the territory.
    I won't bite hard unless you tell me to. :D
    Does that make it any better?
  12. Oh baby?
  13. I suppose it does. :D
    But yes, that's a suitable response.
  14. ... Idea! Pm incoming.
  15. *walks in on scene that had escalated quickly*


    Uh. hi. Welcome to the site. GLHF *takes off running*
  16. *Kicks heliacal back in the room*

    NO! oh hi there.
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  17. o_o
    Ah, hello to you both.
    Running away isn't very nice.
    Means we can't talk..
  18. *Takes a bow* Welcome.
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