Oh God I'm Too Awkward For This

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  1. Hi!! I'm Traci. I'm sort of newish to RPs so forgive me if maybe I don't know much of the "lingo."

    I only started RPing maybe a couple months ago and it was just a little with a few friends. I'm craving several good RPs now though, so hopefully this'll be the place to find some!! I'd really love to make some awesome friends and have a few great RPs. <3

    I can't really think of anything to say that I haven't filled out on my profile... I like MxM (yaoi) roleplays that are preferable scifi/supernatural/fantasy/you know what I mean.

    I'm gonna go lurk around now and see if I can make a friend or two. I hope to see you around! <3
  2. Welcome, you should hit up the mature section corresponding to your age group if you like MxM, and I'm sure they would love to help you get settled in the Academy :3!

    I just registered yesterday so I can't help you more, I'm afraid!
  3. Ok, thank you very much!! I'm so looking forward to it! :D
  4. You're welcome, have fun ;)!
  5. :O I noticed your title as "Zombie Slayer" does this perhaps mean we have another person who likes a RP to do with zombies?! If you do, please check out this!


    I know it seems a little desperate, but unfortunately I am a little desperate, so forgive my desperatocity. (no, that is not a word.)
  6. Well, that looks pretty neat, but I honestly just don't understand that DnD style stuff... I've tried more than once to be part of table-tops, but I'm just lost the whole time. Sorry :C
  7. Welcome to Iwaku. I am diggin' your avatar, hope you enjoy your time here!