Oh By The Way Babe, I'm In A Gang.

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Modern, fantasy, romance, pretty much anything.
This RP is just about a gangs life and the girls that decided to be with them.
Rules of the RP

Be respectful to one another.
This is an NC-7 RP that means there will be drugs, and sex.
This is a paragraph RP so at least three sentences per post.
Name with every post, unless you're on your phone or other device that won't allow it.
No god-modding or power play
Pregnancy's must be cleared with me[]
Nicholas 'Nick' Merrick. 34. SPOT OPEN!
Nick is one of the higher up guys in the gangs. He deals with some of the drug business of seas. He tends to keep everything in order and can't stand when people go out and just kill people. Nick believes in structure, but what the gang does is not his decision. He respects his wife more than anything. Sure he gets frustrated sometimes, but he tries to keep from getting too upset. He loves her and wants to keep her around.

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Merrick. 30. SPOT OPEN!
Lizzie is the perfect house wife. She is actually verging on Stepford. Lizzie goes to the meetings with Nick just so he doesn't have to go by himself. She has always wanted children, but knows that Nick isn't ready for that. She smokes regularly and has the occasionally drink. Lizzie seems nice on the outside, but she has killed before. She killed a guy the last time he messed with Nick. Lizzie met Nick when she was in high school and wouldn't change her life for the world.

Danica Lawrence. 28. SPOT OPEN!
Danica is a member of the gang. She is mean and doesn't care what anyone thinks. The gang uses her to trick the men they want dead and she kills them. Danica has always had a thing for younger men. How old his her new boy toy? 18 seems like a good number. Danica always buys him nice things and gets what she wants in return. She chose a virgin because she finds it fun to play teacher.

Jackson Williams. 18. SPOT OPEN!
Jackson has dropped out of high school and is living with his knew girlfriend. He loves Danica more than anything and will do anything for her. He knows there is an age difference, but he doesn't care about that. Jackson also loves the fact that she can supply him with drugs. It's one of the perks to dating a girl in a gang. Jackson is sometimes shy around knew people and can also be a jerk if you make him mad.


Ethan Marks. 35. spot open
Ethan is the GANG LEADER. He is controlling of everyone that is underneath of him. Including his girlfriend. He is abusive and doesn't let her leave his side. He doesn't trust anyone but Nick. He tells the gang what to do and then relaxes at his hide out. He owns a few clubs and is constantly hanging out in the back of them. Ethan is verging on being a sociopath.

Cadence Revere. 24. Played by ME.
Cadence is Ethan's girlfriend and is terrified of him. She does whatever he says and steals for him. She also lets him do whatever he wants to her in bed. One time she told him no and it ended badly. Cadence had a rough life before the gang and felt like she always needed to be told what to do. When she met Ethan he seems so wonderful, but things are getting worse. She won't leave though because she loves him. Cadence knows deep down he is still the same guy because he has moments when he is nice to her.

Bryce Thomas. 24. OPEN!
Bryce has been in the gang since he was a teenager. He looks up to Ethan and wants to be in charge one day when the time comes. He likes to go out and party when he has free time. Bryce is outgoing and tries to make everyone laugh. His girlfriend however has a fear of him leaving her. One time he threatened to break up with her and she tried to kill herself. Bryce figured it would just be easier if he stayed with her.

Hilary Hann. 20. OPEN!
Hilary has fallen in love with Bryce and will do anything in her power to keep him. She can't see anything wrong with his lifestyle and she never will. Hilary is obsessive and can be kind of a stalker when it comes to her boyfriend. She hates when other girls talk to him and when he's gone she calls to see where he is constantly.

Lance Jacobs. 22. Spot open
Lance has been in the gang for a few years now. He works with the finances and can become pretty violent at times. He is into drugs and he hates when people constantly try to force him into things. Lately he has met a new girl who he finds wonderful. When he's not with her he is video chatting with her. Some naughty and some nice. She's in high school and is scared to leave her parents. Lance has been trying to convince her to run away and live with him. He's kind of controlling and gets jealous if she talks to other guys.

Emily Barton. 17. Played by Spot open
Emily is a junior in high school and has found the love of her life. She knows he is into bad things, but he is so wonderful to her. Emily is outgoing and can be a tease. She goes out whenever she can so she can see him, but finds herself wanting more.. Emily is slowly starting to get the idea that running away to live with Lance wouldn't be so bad.

Characters may be altered if you please :)
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