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  1. What a better way to gain attention than by copy and pasting your RP resume on your request thread? I like it. At the top, you can see that I'm not taking roleplay invites at the time, and because of this, I am not taking any new roleplay request either. However, I will begin plotting with you so we can come up with something spicy and awesome! Just remember, romance is a must for me. I am open to mostly anything, as long as it's something within my favorite genres. Fantasy and historical are my top favorites. I'm still getting into Scifi, so don't expect me to have a lot of experience in that genre, if you want to roleplay it with me.

    My favorite sub-genres in horror are very limited, as there are much that I don't exactly feel comfortable roleplaying with. I am still new to action and crime, but I love them a lot, especially when you have a subplot of romance or some romantic elements in it. Modern genre is very limited for me, as well. I don't do high school settings, as I don't roleplay characters under 20 years old. One thing I absolutely hate to the core is having to do all the work myself, hence why my playing style is passive-aggressive. Add your own twists and contributions to the roleplay; don't make me do all the work and give me something to work with.

    Some fandoms I'm craving right now are Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Twisted, Lost, Reign, and Bitten. As for anime and manga, I'm currently only roleplaying Guilty Crown and Vampire Knight. For movies, I will do Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Avengers, Princess Bride, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Other than that, I have nothing else to share. Any questions? Just ask here or private message me! Are you interested in starting up something? Just ask or private message me on here! One last thing: I DO NOT roleplay ANYWHERE EXCEPT the threads on Iwaku. NO private message roleplaying. I hope to hear from you!
    This member is accepting the following type of roleplay invitations.
    Not Taking RP Invites at this Time
    How frequently the member can post.
    One Post a Week, Slow As Molasses
    The writing levels this member prefers. [View the Guide]
    Intermediate, Adept
    FAVORITE GENRE:Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel, Horror, Modern, Historical, Yuri, Action, Crime
    LEAST FAVORITE GENRE:Anthropomorphic, Yaoi, Magical Girls, Slice of Life, Dystopia, Erotic Romance
    A passive player is someone who needs direction and likes their partner to lead the story. An aggressive players likes directing action and controlling the plot. Some players do both.
    These are things the member really loves in their roleplays.
    Forbidden Love, Suspense, Drama, Romance, Antihero, Unrequited Love, Tragedy
    The kind of characters the member plays most often.
    Complicated Personality, Young Adult with Tragic Past, Calm and Sensitive, Sexually Driven, Independent, Badass
    The kind of characters the member WILL NOT play.
    Drug Abusers, Overly Sexualized, Arrogant, Nerdy, Stock, Serial Killers, Narcotic Abusers
    Extra things the member feels are important about their roleplaying style.
    You can also see that I have a few main genres down for my favorite genres. If there's a specific sub-genre you want to roleplay with me, such as urban fantasy, historical romance, or gothic horror, just send me a message when I'm available. I'll let you know if I roleplay that sub-genre. I do not play characters under 20 years old nor am I an aggressive player unless the idea is my own. My requirements in roleplaying one x one are at least two detailed paragraphs with very few grammar and spelling errors. For group roleplays, it depends on many things (i.e. how many members, the audience I'm trying to reach out to, leniency, etc.)
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