OFFICIAL: New Star Wars movies will NOT feature EU lore!

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  1. In short, Disney will be basing the new films in entirely new mythology. It will be a new, fresh story, with new characters and new... everything!

    Additionally, while Disney has inherited the entirety of the Star Wars Universe, they will be officially eliminating the levels of canon that has existed throughout the years. Lucas has always drawn the line between the 6 films and The Clone Wars cartoon as being the only official canon. Everything else (video games, comic books, novels, etc.), while authorized by various Lucas- branches of entertainment, have existed outside of this main canon as the EU, or "Expanded Universe."

    Disney will be cherry-picking things from the EU to fold into main canon. Everything else will be discarded. While this can be a very good thing, almost everything post-ROTJ is going to be eliminated (which included this much-famed Thrawn Trilogy). While we may very well be seeing or hearing more about fan-favourites Kyle Katarn or Mara Jade, a majority of the EU will be wiped clean from the slate.

    Be sure to see all-new EU content from Disney and authorized by Disney, that will be a part of this new, officially canon universe.

    /me crosses his fingers for Star Wars 1313

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  2. I am ready to disavow any allegiances I held to Disney.

    If they butcher my precious EU I will be exceedingly angry.
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  3. I know, right?! The second link talks about how "garbage" the EU was, and while I agree there was some... questionable, stories, a lot of it was some pretty damn good stuff. Just at the Thrawn Trilogy! Or any of the stuff written by Timothy Zhan. Or any of the X-Wing books. The Tales stories are amazing as well! And I loved the Han Solo Corellian Trilogy.

    I still have hopes for the films, but this new direction Disney is going in with brand new official canon is... I dunno, scary? I just hope they really do pick and choose some great stuff. Crimson Guard stuff, Mandalorian stuff, Kyle Katarn (obviously)... Ugh, so much they can hurt if their little Star Wars Lore committee goes on a power trip!
  4. Lemme check my list of things that surprise me...

    ...nope, this ain't there.

    They were inevitably going to pull something like this, and whilst it's a shame that a lot of cool EU shit isn't going to be a part of this new canon (if Kyle Kataran doesn't make the cut you can colour a particularly vibrant shade of mad) it's good that the new team are being very open and honest with fans about it.

    I don't see it as a huge deal, though. It's not like they're issuing a mass recall of all EU shenanigans and burying it out in the desert. That universe will still be there to be enjoyed, alongside this new one they're doing.

    It's like with Marvel's various universes. I prefer Ultimate to the original, but I can also enjoy the Cinematic Universe at the same time.

  5. Y'see, that's what I thought at first, and you got a great point there! The problem is, while the Expanded Universe itself still exists (now branded under "Star Wars Legends"), it won't be expanded anymore.

    Most of the stories were self-contained, or a trilogy (Heir and Corellia Trilogies being legitimately fantastic reads), and there were a few series that had concluded, but there was still a lot to tell the tale of. We'll never get stories told in that Universe again, so instead of things coming to a conclusion, it's all coming to a complete stop.

    And that's what makes me so sad.

  6. I'm not surprised. I don't think that the new Star Wars movie team was ever going to be hunting down these authors to get the licensing deals for their story. And I don't really care either, I've never dug into the EU but quite frankly, a lot of the developments I have come across through summaries on websites and in my Star Wars d20 rulebooks just leave a bad taste in my mouth and make me thing that I and the EU writers have some very different ideas about the Star Wars universe.
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