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Iwaku has an official Discord server available for folks to have somewhere to socialize and chat about whatever. Getting set up to use it is very simple.

You'll have to make an account first, which can be done on the official Discord website. That front page has buttons for using the browser chat client or download a standalone chat program for Windows. Downloads for other versions can be found via the Download link up at the top of the page, and they've got mobile apps available for both Android and Apple in their respective app stores.

Once you've got an account and such ready to go, just click this link to join the official Iwaku server. The rules for the server are rather straightforward:
  1. All Iwaku site rules apply to the Discord server; breaking the rules on the server can get you a talking to from the staff or end up with you banned from the server or Iwaku as a whole in extreme circumstances. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the site rules to avoid getting into trouble, and check out the in-server rules for specifics.
  2. On the Iwaku server you must use a nickname that is either your Iwaku username or something close enough for folks to be able to recognize who you are. See below for a tutorial on how to change your nickname for a single server.
  3. That's it. Have fun.

Changing your nickname for a server is really simple. Just right-click (or push and hold on mobile) the icon for the server and you'll get a menu that pops up. Click Change Nickname, enter the name you wish to change to, and then hit Save. This will only change what your name appears as on that particular server, so go nuts with having whatever names you want on non-Iwaku servers.

One last thing: a couple of our voice chat channels are set to PTT (Push to Talk) only mode, meaning you'll need to set a PTT button and use it to be able to talk in those channels. To do so, hit the little gear icon that appears below your friends list or the list of channels on a server, depending on what you're looking at. Go to Voice, change your Input Mode to Push to Talk, and then select your desired shortcut to use as your PTT key. You can leave your voice setting on Voice Activity afterward if you prefer to use that on other servers, but while you're in one of the PTT only channels you'll be forced into PTT mode and need to hold down your selected shortcut key to talk.
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