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  1. So this is one of those cliche roleplays, but I've been wanting to do this story for awhile and it has always fallen through. As the title suggests the guy in this does go off to war. But here is the main overview:

    Guy and girl have been best friends throughout high school, have told each other everything and they have a close groups of friends that they would always hang out with. At the start they will be at the beach party after graduation from high school. The girl keeps talking about college and how great it will be, but what will the guy do? Will he tell her he isn't coming with anymore and that he is actually going into the military?

    I would like to be the girl and am looking for someone to play the guy. Eventually I would like this to turn into letters written back and forth between them. If you're interested that's great :) just comment below. If you have some knowledge of fighting that would be great, if not you can just make it up as we go.
  2. That's a brilliant idea! I might be able to play the guy. Letters written back and forth sound so intimate, so raw, so fresh, so ripe for writing-skill improvement! And I bet the story would develop into something real full, real nice and meaty and juicy with the streaks of both deep sadness and absolutely blissful joy that make up the moods of the best novels! Yes, yes this'd be wonderful. I'd love to play the guy!

    Unless this'll be mature in the sexual sense. In which case, I shan't be able to.
  3. I don't plan on it being that way, in fact I wasnt even planning on them being in a relationship in the beginning, they could become a couple eventually, but not when he first goes off.

    So I'm new to rping on this site and am used to doing descriptions a different way, as in just the physical description, a picture if you can find one, and a short bit of their personality. If you want to do something different though I'm open to it :)
  4. If you're talking about the char. sheets, that's absolutely fine! You can go pretty much anywhere with char. sheets here (Except maybe the really hipsterically obtuse), and I can work something with that. So wanna make characters now?
  5. Sure... How do you do that? Lol, I've only transfered rps here from other sites, I've never made a new rp. Would you like to just make it and show me how to do the character sheets? It might be easier that way.
  6. Sure? You know, I did say we could just do away with all of the mess of char. sheets. And I suggest you start the rp, I'm betting you'll get the gist of it better.
  7. And I think you've been on this site for longer, I bet you're way better than me at doing something like starting off an rp.
  8. Okay, so I'll make the rp in the one on one section thing and then do you just want to write up a basic description of your character and post it there?
  9. I may have been here longer, but I haven't don't much besides continue to rp with people from the other website I was on. I haven't had much time, but now I have more :)
  10. Oh, okay. Sure, I'll post an IC char desc after you've posted the RP. Happy roleplaying :)
  11. Alright, I made it :)
  12. Wait, I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to post there hours from now. My brain's getting a bit messy, can't write properly... Will sleep it off fr now.
  13. That's fine, just post when you can. It doesn't have to be long or drawn out, half the time when I do that I find my character shifting away from it during the rp.
  14. I think I'm stuck in a bit of a writing rut on how I'll approach Linus... I might post a bit later than i should
  15. That's fine, just post when you can :)
  16. Hey, just wanted to check to make sure you're still interesting in this rp. Just let me know :)
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