Of Ice and Furr

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  1. Name:Ranor
    Age: 23
    Race: Elven, Magic of Ice
    Eyes: Violet

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    Ranor made his way down the street hunched into his jacket, the cold wind blew at him. It didnt bother him but acting like it did would keep people from giving him strange looks as he was only in jeans and a thin hooded jacket. The fall chill had set in a week before making his mood lighten considerable at the thought of winter coming. He smiled at the thought as he turned into the bookstore that he frequentied often. The owner, Tala, smiled at him when he entered; they'd become friends after finally talking and having a deep descussion over the skeletal shifts of Weres and other types of shifters.
  3. Babs was normal, as far as she was concerned. Of course, there were people who said otherwise, but weren't there always jackasses to put others down? Babs never let any of that BS get to her. In her view, anyone who said she wasn't normal had no idea what normal was. She was muttering this to herself as she made her way to the cafe/bookstore on the end of the street to get some well-needed hot coco, extra whipped topping. She huffled a sigh as her hands reached up to cup her large furry ears to warm them and a shiver ran through her body. She needed earmuffs, but anything she ever found was for humans. It pissed her off. Being a neko or something other than human in this day-and-age was like being black or mexican back in the 1800s. People treated you as if you were the scum of the earth and it just wasn't right. She zipped her long black trenchcoat up all the way and bent her head to conceal everything below her nose behind the abnormally high-topped collar of the coat. As she pushed the door of the cafe open she almost let out a moan of relief as the warm, delicious-smelling air wafted toward her, inviting her in. Awesome.
  4. Ranor and Tala looked up at the door opened again and a neko walked in, huddled in her jacket and relaxed at the touch of heat Ranor shared an amused glance with Tala and continued to sip his coffee; Tala perked up, she was a hawk and didnt get to see other animal Others like herself often.
    "Welcome! Can I help you? Would you like something warm? We have hot tea, coffee..." Tala continued to rattle of her list of beverages even switching to cold drinks seeming to have forgotten to let the poor neko speak.
    "Tala let the kit think a warm up a touch before railing her with questions." He laughed as she shut her mouth and blushed a dark red.
  5. As Babs adjusted to the warmth, her ears twitching a bit, tail poking out from under her jacket swaying gently, she flinched as she was literally pelted with a question and a list that sent her head spinning. So many drinks, so little time to say them... Did the woman even take a breath? Babs gave her a weak half-smile and nibbled her lip a bit before looking up to the big board with the tiny lettering. Gosh, she suddenly felt so dumb for not already knowing all of these drinks. She pondered for a moment, then looked down at the woman and spoke, her voice soft as velvet and smooth as silk.

    "Do you have the big bowl-like cups that someone can cup in their hands and look into and feel like they'll fall in if they aren't careful? I really like those cups... A-and do you have cinnamon rolls?"

    Damn she wanted a cinnamon roll. She'd kill for one. Literally. She could feel her mouth watering from just the thought of a big, hot fluffy cinnamon roll with tons of icing.
  6. Tala nodded, "Yes! I love those cups and I just took the cinnamon rolls out of the oven ten minutes ago. What would you like to drink with it?" She finally let the girl speak but a ding in the back room had her epping,
    "Ranor watch the front please! Make her a drink!" Then the hawk was off in the back saving whatever it was she had in the over.
    Ranor chuckled and stood from his seat marking the spot in his book with his receipt. He gave the neko an apologetic smile as he walked around to the back of the counter and leaned on it. "Any flavor you particularly like? I'm sure I can narrow down the long list to something you'd like."
  7. Babs was about to say 'just coco with extra whipped topping' but there was a loud metalling dinging noise and in a flash, the hawk-girl was gone, leaving Babs alone at the counter, her jaw slack a bit. When the tall pale man came to the counter she smiled a bit nervously, not particularly fond of talking to strangers as it was, and looked up, then nodded a bit.

    "I just want some hot coco with extra whip topping and a drizzle of caramel... please. And a cinnamon roll."

    She couldn't help but let out a soft purr at the thought of coco-dipped cinnamon roll, al hot and melty and drippy... She wiggled a bit in excitement, tail whipping a bit faster.
  8. Ranor nodded, amusement sparking in his eyes hearing her purr; he turned grabbing one of the large cups that she'd asked about and made her hot coco, he swirled the whip cream from the center of the cup to the rim and then upwards in a artful spiral and took the caramel bottle and drizzled it across in a zigzag way. He tonged out a warm roll placing it on a plate and set the two infront of her.

    "Tala will ring you up when she comes out but i'm sure you can enjoy it before she does." He gave her a meaningful stare that said he would chase her down if she tried to run off on the bill.
  9. She smiled and bounced in place a bit as she watched the man pour her coco and set the bun on a plate, slipping it to her. She purred and dug into her pocket, pulling out a 50-dollar bill and handing it to him. She knew this would cover it for sure. She bowed a thank you then disappeared to a booth in a dark corner so she could relax a bit. She looked around as she sipped the coco, warming her insides and she wiggled a bit.