Of humans and angels

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  1. Hope look around the dark street in the human part of town with a sigh, she always seemed to get the feeling someone was watching her at night. In the world she came from you're either an angel or a human. Most angels think humans are scum and below them while humans think Angels are all snobs, so they normally never mix and they have even split the town up in to two different sides. But Hope's parents weren't normal, they were one angel and one human ans they loved each other. When people discovered her mother was pregnant with Hope the whole family were outcasted. Hope's had to hide most of her life as there are many people that would more then love to get a hold of her because to Hope's knowledge she was the only halfling out there.

    Hope look around again and bit her lip as her "anyone there?" she call out, her angelic blue eyes that were hidden behind brown contacts scanned the streets as the wind played with her plated black hair