Of Elements

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    An Original Fantasy Realm

    Tranquility does not come easily.
    Histories have been lost, blood shed, homes rebuilt.
    But for once in Doma, there is peace.

    Without the constant fear of being conquered, new and prosperous opportunities have risen. Cities such as Derendil and Boldragoth are experiencing drastic expanses in economic growth due to recent advancements in airship technology. Meanwhile, some splinters of the disintegrated Red Empire have focused their efforts on opening the elemental realms to untap and finally understand the origins of magic. Explorers and entrepreneurs alike are venturing off into the unknown, now that stepping beyond their walls will not immediately mean certain death.

    And then there’s you.

    Where does your journey begin? Perhaps you will find yourself in a tavern of a well-established city-state, pounding down the finest wine you’d ever tasted. Or maybe adventure tickles your fancy, and you stumble across something incredible in the vast unknown. How your story unfolds is of your own accord. The people you meet, the places you encounter… just what will happen when the unexpected crosses your path?

    Strong emphasis on storytelling & world building.

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