Of Demigods and Quests

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  1. Noah rolled his eyes with a grin, flames from the campfire reflecting off of his skin and highlighting shadows. The sixteen year old son of Hephaestus had come along to yet another of the sing-alongs after being told by his cabins mates that they boosted moral-- and the gods knew he needed that well enough. He had a hard enough time with all the unfinished projects that he had promised to people and had yet to complete, though that was another story. One that he wasn't going to go too deeply into right now if he wanted to keep this wonderful floating feeling that had come around to pay him a visit.

    Although he didn't take part in singing the songs themselves, the teenager was soon absorbed in the music. It was more work to try and dislike these songs than like them; after all, the Apollo kids were excellent at their music, and the lyrics were fun and catchy. Soon enough he was clapping his hands with the rest of them, a wide smile on his face as several of the satyrs attempted to do a sort of cross between a reel and an Irish jig. The flames of the campfire, over which several people were roasting marshmallows, were red and hot-- equivalent to the general mood of the campers themselves.

    After several more songs during which burning marshmallows were distributed among the willing victims, the songs slowly drew to a close and a quiet cough called the attention of the campers. Chiron stepped towards a small raised platform near the fire, and the crowd of people went silent as they waited.

    "Campers, I'm happy to announce that we now have one more of you." He gave a stern look to several of the Hermes cabin before continuing and gesturing for a figure to come forwards. "Please try and refrain from any pranks, at least until they are well settled among us." The crowds eyes went to the newcomer, and Noah strained to get a better look.
  2. Selena laughed. She was part of the Aphrodite cabin. The most stunning one in that cabin and not bad of a fighter too she listened to the songs some more, absolutely loving the tune.
  3. [​IMG]Crona stepped out from the side of the man she was the new person for the camp... She looked at the faces of the people Do they know who I am?!?! She was Hades and Persephones daughter she had both the power to create and destroy she hated it.... She looked across at the mny people sitting there she knew Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Apollo, and many more that she saw there. She looked distant with her flowing black hair, She wasn't as pretty as the Aphrodite children but overall she was pretty. She looked at the chiron and he said "Introduce yourself" She did she said in a moments notice "Hello, I am crona daughter of Hades and Persephone." Silence drew no one like Hades, She didnt either she hatd what she was what she looked like and what happened, Did she even belong here? She was born with two gods well a god and a goddess, She felt outplaced, an outcast, unmarked territory, She would have o tread through her time here carefully She didnt want a fight or anything.
  4. Noah glanced over at Selena as the new girl stepped out from behind Chiron, introducing herself as the daughter of Hades. But... Wasn't Hades forbidden from having kids, or something? Personally, he thought that Zeus had been the main problem in that respect, but that didn't really matter. He shrugged and looked back at the new girl-- Crona, she had said that her name was. It wasn't hard to hear the muttering among the crowd of people, wondering things about her.

    Noah stood up, offering her a cheerful smile. This was when they introduced themselves, right? Right...? Nobody else seemed to, but Chiron was looking at him with a nod... He stuck out a hand, other jammed into the pocket of his jeans.

    "Hey. Welcome to camp! I'm Noah."
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    Yuu Watson

    Yuu watched as she took a sip from the can of soda on her hand, actually, can of wine disguised as a soda. She was only 17 years old, it wasn't legal. But the daughter of Dionysus couldn't help herself, wine was just so good. Anyway, her eyes lighted in amusement as she watched the girl daughter of Hades, Crona, introduce herself. Daughter of Hades, huh. This was going to be good.

    When the introduction was finished, she sprinted towards Crona, pushing Noah out of the way.

    "Hi! I'm Yuu! Nice to meet you! And welcome to the camp!" She put her arm on the girl's shoulder, involving her on a side hug. She grinned as she showed the can of soda (wine) in front of Crona. "Want some wi-uh-soda? You know, it's completely alcohol free! Haha! Absolutely zero percent of alcohol!" Yuu now glanced nervously towards Chiron, her grin a little forced.

    "Uh... Anyway, nice to meet you!"
  6. "Uh uh hi" She seemed flustered and could smell the wine on her, "I mean uh it is a pleasure to meet you noah and yuu" She feels a bit uncomfortable in the arm hug but she deals with it. "Uh do I have cabin mates?" She knew the answer, nope it was very unusual for hades to have a kid because zues frowned on it thats why zues took her immortality that she should have and sent her here. She looked at the can of soda and looked at yuu "Uh I'snt that illegal?" She said it hushed so chiron would not hear her. Chiron broke the hug and showed crona to her cabin, more like temple though.
  7. Vince A.K.A. Phantom watched as Chiron walked Crona to her new cabin. Vince waited for an offspring of Hades. He wasn't the son of Hades, but Hades and Vince's mom were quite close due to the fact that Vince's mom was the Hecate goddess of magic and ghosts.


    Vince knew he was different as a kid. Talking to ghosts was something the other kids weren't doing. Commanding those ghosts to go kill kids he hated was definitely not normal either. And when Vince started phasing through walls and making things disappear he was certain something was wrong with him. Then when his abusive, usually drunk father "mysteriously" died only a year ago, he met his mom. She towered over the grave in dark robes. Another two heads could be seen faintly on each shoulder.
    "Out of all humans to sleep with, I chose the worst of them all...I was wondering how long it would take for you to give his worthless life to your uncle. I hope he's getting the worst of it down there," Hecate said to her son on that dark and gloomy night. After their long conversation that seemed to last for days, Vince took his mother's advice and decided to go to camp halfblood. He needed money though, because he lived in Britain for most of his life. He needed a way to get to New York.

    So he put on street magic shows. With his powers the money flow was perfect. Then, one day, when a big bag of Drachmas was thrown next to his fedora. When he looked up to see who donated he saw not a soul. So once he picked up the bag a mysterious old looking taxi showed up. Once he hopped in he was face by three old ladies with no eyes. I'm sure you can figure out the rest

    Vince has now been here for six years. He's now 17 and has no brothers or sisters. He's the only one in his cabin, but his new found cousin, Crona may bring a change in his life.
  8. Crona looks around and sees a boy with pure white hair in the cabin, "Hello.." She says quietly as she retreats to her bed and sits carrying nothing but a small pouch with her. She takes out a flower pot and using her powers a small flower sprouts out of it, "If your wondering, Im the daughter of Persephone and Hades I am not a demi-god but my immortality has been taken away..." She Takes a spare outfit out of her pouch and pajamas. Pajamas: [​IMG]
  9. "Nice to meet you Crona. I'm Vince, son of Hecate. My mother and your father get along quite well. I'm not in this cabin, I just thought I'd drop by and visit, before curfew, but if you need some privacy or you don't feel like talking I can leave." Vince hopped down from atop the dresser he once was perched on.
  10. [​IMG]
    Cassandra:: Daughter of Poseidon

    Cassandra wandered the camp aimlessly. She wasn't sure which way to go and was completely and utterly lost. In her confusion when she had first arrived she had forgotten to go to her assigned cabin, Aphrodite. She was considered quite beautiful, though her real talent lie in the water, though she was frightened of even the sight of larger bodies of water. She spotted some people talking and walked up to them, not wanting to bother them. She shyly spoke up in her little voice and asked shakily. "D-Do either of you know where the Aphrodite cabin is?"
  11. Vince turned to see a beautiful girl about his age outside of the Hades cabin. He then turned to the daughter of Hades and nodded her a farewell. He opened the door to face the girl. He looked down at her. She had long flowing blond hair and a nervous face. "Are you okay? You seem flustered. You're an aphrodite child huh...well you're going to have to toughen up. No offense, but daughters of Aphrodite are just bitches. You'll have your nice ones here and there, but even though their your sisters they'll get on you. Anyway I'll take you there. I'm Vince by the way. And your name?" he asked, sticking out a hand to shake hers.
  12. Cassandra looked over at the other girl, she was very pretty if you asked Cassandra and she seemed shy like her, but she seemed to be leaving. Oh well.. Cassandra could always try to meet her again. She looked up at the boy who spoke as he introduced himself. "I-I'm fine yes, just shy.. painfully shy.." She muttered as she let her blonde hair hang in her face. "Oh no no! I'm not a daughter of Aphrodite.. Poseidon actually. Though I'm terrified of water.. so they put me in Aphrodite's cabin, for now I guess." The girl said as she gave a small shrug. "I'm Cassandra, but most people just call me Cassie" She said as she reached out and shook the boys hand. She gave a him a nervous smile and followed him.
  13. Vince widened his eyes. He turned around and stopped. "Oh no...no no no no! Those Aphrodite bi- I mean young ladies, won't treat you well at all, especially if you're not actually one of them. Only one other person has stayed in the Poseidon cabin and his name was Percy Jackson. Very notorious around these parts. He's gone on to bigger and better things, and now it's your turn to stay where a legend once did. You can't let a large body of water shake you up...don't you want to at least check the cabin out. Trust me on this one," he said with a faint panicked tone.
  14. Her head shot up as Vince started talking about Percy. "I'm aware.. he's my half brother.. But I-I can't stay in that cabin. I-I just can't..." She said as they kept walking. She didn't want to spill her guts to Vince about her fears and things so she bit her lower lip and looked around the camp again. "I-I'm just gonna ya know.. try to enjoy my time here" She said quietly. "Thank you for the concern though" She said as she curtsied to him, a common thing to do when thanking one.
  15. "Well...okay," he said as he pointed toward the Aphrodite cabin. They seemed to have been having a party due to the banging bass and the flashing colored lights. "Enjoy yourself..." his voice trailed off. His body then slowly disappeared and reappeared in his cabin. Yeah the teleportation thing was really cool, but so far he could only teleport back to his cabin, plus it take a lot of his energy. What does that matter since all he's doing is going to sleep. Once he sat on his bed, one of his "pets" ran up next to him. It wasn't really a pet, it was just this one human that his mom got really pissed off at.
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    He was a gift for his 14th birthday. For his 16th he got a snake who was slithering around in his cabin somewhere. Vince put on a pair of sweatpants and then took off his shirt. He laid down on his bed and his dog, Herald hopped up onto the bed with him. He took a sip of Nectar and slowly dozed off, flying through his dreams like he usually did. Vince had the ability to leave his body and go full ghost at any time, and it was easiest when he was asleep, but decided not to tonight. Tomorrow was game day. Probably capture the flag or something. He needed to rest up.
  16. Cassie sighed to herself when the boy had disappeared and she wanted to walk forward into the cabin but couldn't she looked over at the other cabins and sighed when she saw the cabin labeled "Poseidon" and made her way over to explore that cabin.
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