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  1. The Main Characters:

    Eoghan: A boy who will fight.

    Venn :A raven all her life, turned human.

    The land is plagued by horrors. The ødeleggeren was accidentally summoned by Villspor, an arrogant wizard seeking power. The ødeleggeren appears as foul light, and passes from person to person. It feeds off of the potential for hate, twisting its victims into monsters if there is enough potential, and killing them agonizingly if they have little hate. The land suffers.

    Three dragon clans know as Aetts exist, ruled by Wyrd. Each dragon is the embodiment of a rune. The leaders of each Aett hold part of the key to Yggdrasil. Only with the pieces, and Wyrd's blessing can one reach the world tree.

    ((I'll add/change things as needed.))
  2. Do you want to be Venn or Eoghan?
  3. I'd like to be Venn, long as you don't mind.