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As you all know there is a donation event for Iwaku currently going on. To help the twin goals of encouraging donations and creativity I have decided to pledge one $1 for every haiku or other poetic creation. The theme: Iwaku.

Post anytime in the month of February Showcasting and make sure you add in the title that it’s for Iwaku Donation Poetry.

I will be donating up to $50. So let’s see your rhyme and meter.
Dearest Iwaku,
Happy Valentine's to you
I love you, I do
I have been working on love poems for a project of mine. Poems from an evil wizard to his boyfriend. Since the theme of the fundraiser is month of love would these be valid?
Iwaku Donation Poetry

Roses are red, violets are blue
Is there any better place than Iwaku?

We write stories all day long with gusto
Some funny, some sad, some smutty
While waiting with anticipation to know
If a post will come our way - should we be lucky

Fantasy, sci-fi, drama, or romance
There’s a partner out there for everyone
So get going and hike up your pants
Go post a search thread - get it done!

We hope you love it here as much as we do
May your threads flourish and grow
And if I can leave one stewing thought for you
Go make a poem so Ocha throws in more dough!!

Great job. As of this morning I owe $3. Let’s keep it going!

I have been working on love poems for a project of mine. Poems from an evil wizard to his boyfriend. Since the theme of the fundraiser is month of love would these be valid?
The theme of my little contest is Iwaku themed poetry. But I look forward to seeing what you created.
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are we allowed to do more than one :D
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Yes, feel free to give more poems to Iwaku!
Behold! Poems about the experience of Iwaku!

My turn:

We follow the yellow brick road
We fall down the rabbit hole
No time to say "I'm late, I'm late"
The line blinks, this is day eight.

Your turn:

"What big ears you have!"
The better to hear you type
Impatient bunny.

Never enough:

Does this post need more polish?
Do I have enough to occupy my time?
I wish I knew how to fish
"For a new partner or compliments, drop a dime!"

I've squeezed my brain enough for today.
*shyly scuttles in*

Uncertain entrance
Met with warm, certain, greetings
Thank you, Iwaku

*shyly scuttles out*

I wake
I wake and
I wake and know
I wake and know utopia.
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We’re off to a great start. It looks like I currently owe $6. Keep up those beautiful verses!
Indescribable fantasies
Welcome me at home
Adorning me with stirring capacities
Keep me in your tomes
Until my spirit lapses.
Chicos, mangoes, and lanzones,
narras, natos, and molaves:
the old trees of our neighborhood
are quickly disappearing.

Their roots were breaking through the sidewalk,
soon the gutter and the asphalt,
while the twigs they shed collapse
the bungalows around them.

To the flares on which we tripped
and, in retaliation, pissed,
to the bark we scarred with filth
or young lovers' follies,

to the mesh of leaves providing
fruit in hunger, shade in heat,
and beauty any time of year,

the fondest of farewells we bid
while we meet to mulch and weed,
to prune and water, all their seed.
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We’re up to $8 but February isn’t over yet.