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  1. As an American I think our stereotypes of Canadians are the weirdest. Mainly because it's that Canadians are nice and polite. That's our "negative" sterotype of Canadians.
  2. Can't say that's to odd of a stereotype. As all stereotypes are based in truth. Though my experience with Canadian's are limited, I can say the few I've met do seem unusually generous and polite in contrast to the average American. I only know this because I dated a Canadian girl once and had the pleasure of meeting her family from Thunder Bay. But that's based on a limited subjective experience. That and the movie Argo.
  3. Is it negative? I thought it was more sibling teasing type of stereotype. But then again, I live 3-4 hours from the Canadian border and find Texans for example more foreign then Canadians on average.
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  4. I think they meant that it's kind of strange that having positive traits such as kindness and good manners is kind of used offensively.
  5. Oh I caught that. I just don't understand how it can be offensive. It's a bit like @Ochalla pointed out.
  6. Speaking as a Canadian I honestly don't see it.
    We have plenty of assholes here. That being said though I've rarely ever left Canada so my exposure to people from other countries is mainly limited to online.

    And online experience tells me that people from different countries are far more similliar than one might expect.
  7. I have found, in my extremely limited experience, that all junior high and high school gym teachers also teach Social Studies. It's uncanny.
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  8. Crazy isn't it?
  9. I have seen you try to start fights quite frequently, so your post isn't totally unfounded. Also, I didn't know you were Canadian! What province are you from?
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty close to the border as well, and I find more in common with Canadians and people from Scandinavian countries, than those from other regions of the US. I'm from an area of the US that few really know much about, but we have stereotypes of us, that we are simple, extremely nice people who value hunting and fishing over anything else. Pretty much like friendlier red-necks.
  11. Also I forgot to list stereotypes in my last post.

    Stereotypes that I've heard people say Americans ask them before were...

    1. Is it always night?
    2. Is it always snowing?
    3. Do we make our TV's out of ice?
    4. Do we all live in igloos?
    5. Do we all ride dog sleds?
  12. I've honestly never heard any of those stereotypes and I'm in the American Mid-West.
  13. As a Canadian...

    Newfies: Drunk fishermen. If you blew their brains out, they'd continue singing French soliloquies while paddling a canoe down the 'lawrence. You know you're a Canadian if you can understand a single word they say while drinking.

    Québecois: Bloody frogs Our fine French folk that fight for liberty and freedom for themselves everyone. It's an interesting place, but highly insular. Also, instead of waving white flags, they start terrorist organizations. Yikes. In all seriousness though, they are a nice people, once you get past their paranoid hatred of anglophones.

    Inuits: Generally our folks you find in the northern territories, often conflated with other natives. They like to hunt a few whales, club some seals, and be left alone. I mean it, they hate tourists. Go to Québec City or Toronto or Montreal instead, most of the Inuit struggle to speak English at all.

    First Nations: Usually seen as either a noble people of a dying culture grasping to survive in a world that is totally indifferent to them, or a bunch of drunkards from a dead culture that like to blame white people for their problems whilst readily taking white people's compensation money. Take your pick, either one is arguable true.

    Ontario: Aside from being trapped forever in the 90's thanks to this fucktard, there's not much to say about them other than "generic over the counter Canadian". Exceedingly polite when they aren't screaming at western Canada for huffing too many fumes from the Oil Sands.

    Western (Prairie) Canadians: Polite Texans. If you're in Alberta, they have more registered gun owners than they do living people, or at least, that's how the joke goes. They love oil sands, beer, hockey, fondling hunting rifles,, and more beer. Its vast swathes of farms make you realize that it's essentially the nothingness of Kansas stretched out over four times the area.

    BC: British Columbia. Also see: Their primary export is weed. They're fairly chilled out and some of them haven't gotten the memo about Canada being a country and still fly the Union Jack. Oh, unless you're in Vancouver. Then you have a lot of immigrants that like to bring their criminal pasts with them. Don't go out at night.

    That about covers it. Also, if you think I offended you, I probably did eh'. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna drink some booze and watch the game. If there's any tourists around let me know, I'll be exceedingly polite so they'll spend money here and fuck off. :ferret:
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  14. I find both are true depending on where you look.
    I have a friend though who will go up north to hunt and see family time to time though, and he usually brings back tales of the "Drunkards who blame white people" kind.
    Can't speak for the fucktard, never saw him before.
    But yea, we're pretty generic.
    You want America? But with less suffocating patriotism, business centers and better healthcare?

    Then Ontario's your best bet.
    Yet sadly we're doing even worse in regards to Education. >.<

    They're not common. I've only heard of maybe 1-2 cases each of Americans who legit believed them (and half the time the Americans were generally drunk, high or stoned apparently).
    But they are the one's that Canadians bring back as "Silly american stories" when coming back from the US.

    I guess the more minor stereotypes aren't talk/gossip worthy with people.
  15. I'm sorry for our polite hospitality. I will endeavor to be more accommodating.
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  16. @Brovo you forgot the 'nucks.
  17. Fuck em', they can explain themselves. The rest of Canada doesn't even get em'.
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  18. ... Holy crap. That was true in my high school as well.


    Mind blown.
  19. I also find Texans foreign and I live in the state next door.
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  20. Same here, though I'm a bit further from them, but not by much. All things considered though, the USA states are all about the size of most countries. So there is a bit of distance which has created an almost absurd amount of subcultures in the USA.
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