Odd Obsessions?

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  1. So, I've been chatting with a lot of my friends and I seem to be the only one with an albino obsession... So, do any of you have "odd obsessions?" Feel free to comment or like others who have similar or exact obsessions, because maybe it could be fun!
  2. Head over to the character section if you really wanna see obsessions.

    From super pretty lady warlords who are magical masters of swords, to super pretty man warlords who are magically masters of swords and seducing women by acting shy and romantic.

    Personally I like non-human things. They're neat! Furry things without being a part of that creepy-ish fandom.
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  3. I like close weapons of war and fight. Also like being capable, if that makes sense. Like it enough that it drives my life pretty good.
  4. Having actually spoken to a large group of furries and attended a furry panel at a convention once, I can assure you that most people who say they're part of the "furry fandom" don't sexualize it.

    Yes, furry porn exists. But porn of every fandom exists, and the furry fandom isn't really anything special in that regard. Most people who are into furries are pretty chill about it, in my experience.

    I agree that furries can be pretty cool-looking and often have some creative or otherwise aesthetically pleasing designs, and I really wish the word didn't have such sexual connotations so that it would be easier to say "yeah I like furries" without people assuming I'm into some real kinky stuff. :/
  5. I'm really jealous that you got to do all of that and enjoy it. The few times I've met them it's been awkward at best and downright atrocious at worst.

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    I like the porn too. #hypocrite
  6. Yeah, the furry cosplayers I met were all some pretty cool people. Just wanted to design fursonas and make fursuits, that's all! In fact there was even sort of a drawn-out discussion at said panel in which a lot of them basically just started ranting about how much the sexualization of it annoys them because it makes people think that all furries are like that when it's really just a minority. :/ Sorry to hear you had such awkward encounters.


    Best thing about furries:

    Do you even know how HUGGABLE those guys are? Like, hugging a furry at a con is just the best thing. I always look forward to seeing a furry offering people hugs because it's like hugging a giant teddy bear and I just love it. owo
  7. Vocal minority etc etc.

    They are! At a Ren fair there was one who every time we passed was hugging barbarians and knights and shit. The friend we took got a little too tipsy and awkwardly followed the group because he liked the suit though. Company present kept me from complimenting them too..
  8. I'm obsessed with surreal and highly symbolic landscapes that represent someone's mind, like the Synapsis games if anyone's ever played those. So, I've made a roleplay about exploring those landscapes ^_^
  9. Odd obsession? I guess that I have a weird obsession with dragons, fairies, and spirits. You know that kind of stuff. ^^;
  10. I have an obsession with collecting shot glasses.

    I don't even drink.

    My rp characters must share this as well, if only in secret. Even if they don't drink.

    It's a habit that bleeds into the cyberworld
  11. We're talking about like, recurring trends in characters we make, right?

    I like to give my characters an inability. Whether they're wheelchair-bound, have a mental block, or can't cook to save their life, I like to give my characters something they just *can't* do; makes minutiae more interesting cause I/they have to get creative.
  12. Perfectly normal every-day people put in to crazyass situations. O__O I could do that over and over and over and over and over again.
  13. Oh, you meant what we do with characters in RPs?

    I always try to give characters flaws or make their strengths based in reality. If they are super good at something, they suffer in other areas. A very smart person might not have so much social grace. A strong, bad ass warrior might be a little over bearing or stupid outside of combat and warfare.
  14. I'm not sure that I'd call it an obsession, but lately (past few months) I've gotten completely bored of playing humans and started playing animals, which I'd never done before. Its weird for me since I used to really not like the idea of playing animals for some reason. Even now, all I'm really interested in playing is Planet of the Apes (the reboots, not the original) style apes, and dinosaurs/giant reptiles (I played Godzilla in a roleplay on another site last October and am in a Jurassic World RP right now) but I guess roleplaying as nothing but humans or humanoids like vampires or werewolves or Grimm style Wesen getting a little stale after twelve or so years isn't that unheard of. Or it might just be my complete obsession with the POTA reboots that's driving me to want to roleplay them xP I cant rule that out.
  15. I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to collecting certain things. It can be something as stupid as beer bottle caps to Zippo lighters, but I just like to hoard certain stuff.

    EDIT: Oh, RP trends. For me it's mentally unwell characters that pose as ordinary characters. Something about slowly exposing the depth of their cracked psyche is just immensely satisfying to RP.