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  1. A criminal organization has taken advantage of time and space travel technology. This particular organization has altered major historical events and the lives of many important people for profit. They have also assisted several brilliant and dangerous scientists in their extremely unethical experiments. Their services are offered throughout multiple galaxies. This organization is responsible for millions of deaths and thousands of lives never lived at all. Their involvement in several apocalypses is also under investigation. It is rumored that the still primitive Earth is the organization's current focus.

    My Character: Sapphire is an ancient female who was genetically altered and abandoned at the beginning of the universe as a child. It was thought that the experiments performed on the child had failed, but they had only exceeded expectations. She ceased aging once she was in her late twenties. She's now billions of years old, though she is not immortal. So far, she knows of four ways she can be killed. How does she know this? Sapphire wasn't the only cast away experiment. There were eight others with her. She and two others are the only ones who have decided to continue living after discovering the ways they can die. She's had access to space travel technology for quite some time, and she has been traveling from planet to planet attempting to find two things: the whole truth about her existence and means of time travel to make her search easier.

    Your Character: A female human who resides in the year 2014 on Earth is unexpectedly a victim of the organization. During Sapphire's visit to the planet, she becomes sort of a side-kick and romantic interest of the strange human-like in appearance alien. Sapphire greatly underestimates her.
  2. I like the sound of this very much, I'd love to roleplay with you if you'd have me. :)
  3. Of course, I'll have you! Any questions? Is there anything you'd like to add?
  4. Nothing that I can think of now. Maybe when we begin to play! If I do I'll PM you or use this as an OOC type deal. :)
  5. Awesome. If there's nothing else, I'll go ahead and write up the starter.
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  6. Awesome! Looking forward to it.
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