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  1. Can't roleplay. Working.

    Although I hate the fact work destroys my ability to be creative, I have a passion for building and construction things, same as I do for roleplay.

    So here are some pictures of me being away from Iwaku!

    House we've been working on, framing stage.

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    Framing and bracing, pre-roof.

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    Roof trusses being delivered buy crane. The crane operator stacks them on the roof, we get up there and stand them up.

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    And here is the north-eastern view from the property. We are surrounded by wine grapes here > <

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    Early morning fog from the western view

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    Me! Me and a co-worker put in a few hours yesterday ON SATURDAY > < and he snapped a picture off of me on the roof. I was too busy nailing to pose.

    large image is large (open)

    Then I posed cause I'm October : )

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    Anyway. This is why I am away. Productive member of society, building homes for millionaires and mobbed up union officials. Hopefully my schedule will change soon so I'll have more time to play ROLEPLAY. I can't wait.
  2. I love the pose, Tober! XD Manly construction man up on the roof!

    At least the view is beautiful, and maybe inspiring for roleplay and creative things! >:3
  3. October Bro, that house IS HUGE!!!!
  4. WOOOO MILLIONAIRES. When you gonna build the Iwaku House? ;)

    I would be getting so many ideas from that landscape. Hopefully your subconscious is working on stuff!
  5. Construction and such is pretty amazing.
    How everything starts from materials..And eventually become something awesome.

    Good stuff, October!
  6. I don't know, gonna have to disagree with Diana. Much preferred the candid picture myself...

    I mean the fog picture. The nice pretty fog! And the vineyards!

    Since I grew up with my father owning a small construction and roofing business I feel really comfortable on a construction site.
    I've been on more rooves than I can count, mostly shingles. Though my specialty was dry walling and painting.
    And I LOVE the smell of construction. Weird, I know.
  8. *applauds octobutt*

    just don't kill yerself sucka!! :p anyways awesome work dood :)
  9. You rock, Octs!

  10. ​Octo-sans is BOSS. >:C
  11. Octy is so manry!! Come build a house for meeeeee! :D

    But that view was so pretty, with the fog and everything! You should get some pictures as house becomes more complete. ^^
  12. Holy shit.

    Rock the fuck out, Octopie. \m/
  13. No dissin' the grapes, yo! Those things could potentially make you a bottle of wine. That, and I think grape vines and orchards etc. are fricken cool.
  14. There is no such thing. Grapes are a figment of your imagination. They are interstellar alien overlords from a galaxy long forgotten. Raisins are tastier. ^^
  15. Well done sir! Fantastic work. The view looks simply stunning.
  16. Oh hey man, I thought you like died or something. :D
  17. That's fantastic! You're so manly. :'D
    It's really cool that you're doing that! Keep us posted on how things go!
  18. Thanks! And I will take more pictures soon!
  19. >:C YOU BETTER.

    Or Jinx gets it.
    -Picks up a giant candy cane.- >>>:C