October and Fijoli up in them Misty Mountains cold

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  1. Hey guys October Took me up another mountain 8D








    Thank you October, you, the best thing to ever happen to me.​
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  2. All I have to say is, Octo has HAIR!? He's always wearing a hat or something, seeing him without one is like seeing a unicorn!

    And those are some really nice pictures, yo.
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  3. ~ Dies Laughing ~ October does have that hat on a lot. I was happy with the pictures myself, thank you @Moonlit Blade 8D
  4. First of all, that was adorable.

    Second, beautiful view.

    Third, curse you, I've been here by inspired to go for a walk in a park now.
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  5. Mr. Tenth Month and Angelina (fi)Jolie sure have a lot of fun adventures. :D
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