[October 28th @ 12PM Central] Everybody Dies At The End

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    PLAYDATE: Tuesday, October 28th @ 12PM Central in the Roleplay Catacombs

    She grabbed us by the arm and said, "If you want to get out alive - run for your life."

    We laughed.

    He stumbled in to the hallway and said, "At the end... everyone is dead."

    We just kept going.

    Family fun or just trying to scare yourself, this HUGE haunted house used to be a large hotel. Newly opened just this year, it's the first time anyone has seen the inside. They tell you when you walk in that everyone dies by the end. Do you believe it...?

    You should. Far from cheap parlor tricks and bad special effects, the things you run in to are real. Dangerously real.

    You are a modern day person that visited this Haunted House thinking you were going to have some fun. You can have any sort of human-appearance character you like. You CAN have a magical or supernatural character. You CAN'T have any weapons or items and stuff on you. You only have what you were able to carry in as a person going for a tour. You thought this was going to be fun! (Or someone insisted it was going to be fun!)

    Bios are not a required item, but I love seeing what your character ideas are so I can build up some plot points!

    And as always, if you have a question, lay it on me. <3 Show up in the Main Cbox a few minutes before hand to let me know you're present and ready to play!
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  2. Yay! One I can actually participate in because I'll be awake! :D
  3. HURRAY! 8D
  4. This sounds awesome!
  5. I would love to join!
  6. Please do! >:3 It's gonna be SCARY FUN.
  7. Yay!
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  9. FFFFFF- why is this not on a weekend!? Or a day where I could conceivably get away with not going to class!?
  10. *whisper-screams* Show me the bloodshead and bring me the undead and living! And those that are half dying!
  11. On mah birfday even!
  12. Aww, I thought I could do it, but my school is having a trip from the 20th to the 24th
  13. Who needs school when there is roleplay!
  14. Lol, it's a big trip.
  15. Hm, anyone know the EST for this?
  16. It starts at 1:00 EST. When a lot of the teen members will be in be in school. v,..,v
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  17. Unfair U-U I'll be in class, and even though my school used laptops, I doubt I'll be able to snag enough time for an rp
  18. Could you provide a GMT estimate?
  19. 6pm GMT. I didn't know how to convert to GMT, so I googled it, which is what you coulda done! XD Google is friend
  20. I wanted to make sure, great Owl of Justice! :D