[Oct 17, 2013] Wedding Magic: The Wedding CHARP! (Roleplay City)

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    From the very day they met, Malcolm Pollard and Veruca Hob fell in love. A blind date that went wonderfully right, and has now resulted in this glorious wedding.

    But Veruca Hob has a secret. She is a witch. Daughter of the Goblin King even. This is a secret she cannot let her groom or his family and friends find out!

    Veruca is not the only one with a secret. Gemma, Maid of Honor and Best Friend to the Bride tops the cake with her own.

    That perfect true love meeting between Veruca and Malcolm? Lust spell gone wrong.

    What was supposed to be a lust spell to help a best friend get a little booty, has turned in to a curse. Malcolm can't say no to Veruca. Period. About anything!

    Gemma is now trying to stop the wedding before her best friend marries a man who might not even really love her, without letting anyone know how badly she fucked up.[/size]

    You are a friend or family member attending this wedding.

    If you are there for the GROOM, you are a normal human being! You don't know anything about magic.

    If you are there for the BRIDE, you are a part of the supernatural world in one way or another.

    The plot? Don't let any of the "normals" discover the magical truth. Stop Gemma from ruining Veruca and Malcolm's special day?

    Everyone is invited to this CHARP! Character bios are not required, but we'd LOVE to see a description of your potential character.

    This Charp starts at 5PM CENTRAL TIME and will be in the ROLEPLAY CITY BOX.

    Feel free to ask questions if you have them!
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  3. Really hoping to play, unfortunately my net's been a bit weird lately so I'm not going to promise.
    If everything does work for me I won't be able to join until after 6pm Mt time.
    That's not going to cause a problem is it?

    I'm also wondering if it'd be ok to play a feline familiar?
  4. Coming in a little late is totally okay, and yes, you could play a feline familiar!
  5. This roleplay has started now, in the Roleplay City if people want to hop in! 8D
  6. *sigh* my net did go out on me and now that it's back this is almost over :(
    Oh well, I'll try to join the next one. I'll take my computer to my parent's house if I have too . . .

    Anyway, I hope you all had fun :)