OC X Canon based on well known series/fandom?

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  1. Straight up.

    I want to discuss a series/fandom/etc that's pretty common.

    I used to do this way back with REALLY bad crappy OC's before I discovered internet roleplaying. Now, I want to try and use a somewhat decent OC this time around and just see if I can weave an interesting story out of this.

    I say each of us play one canon and one OC. That's four main characters, an OC x Canon pairing for both of us, with myself playing a canon of your choice to the best of my ability after trying to get into them. We can divide the other canons/any additional oc's between eachother.

    And if not? We'll just straight up use an OC of mine and you can play a canon.

    And it's like I said: Something common and mainstream enough that a lot of people know about.

    Here's a couple I was thinking of recently:

    Avatar Last Airbender/Korra
    Teen Titans/Young Justice (More so Teen Titans)

    I've probably missed some things I really wanted to use for this. But It'll come to be later. I'm very hopeful to get a partner who not only writes any canons/OC's/etc really well, but all in all remembers the show/etc better than I do.

    We'll bounce back ideas and everything, because I'd like it to be more than just romance: I'd like to throw out some original ideas for all kinds of adventures and such, really get into the spirit of the shows/etc and make this both fun, and worthy of sounding like something you might see as a regular episode or something.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.