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  1. One on One With ++Lillith++ Black butler themed ((I know your not gonna care but, I'm exited!!>0<))
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  2. Ciel was standing outside of his bedroom on the balcony watching the sun rise as he always had since he came back many years ago , it was his favorite time of the day when everything was quite and calm. But his peace was not to last as there was a knock at his door, “Come in” he called knowing it was Tanaka.

    Tanaka walked in carrying a oval silver tray with a cup of tea and a letter, “Good morning sir” Tanaka said as he closed the door behind him “Good Morning Tanaka, I see you have a letter on the tray” Ciel said with his one good eye slightly raised “Yes Sir it has just been hand delivered so I assumed you would want it straight away” Tanaka said as he laid out Ciel’s tea and the letter. Ciel took his seat and grabbed his real silver letter opener. “What would Sir like for breakfast this morning?” Tanaka asked as he poured the tea in to a china cup “I will have one of them continental breakfasts” he said as he took the letter and opened it.
    Tanaka left the room closing the door behind him leaving Ciel to read the letter on his own.

    Dear Ciel Phantomhive,

    I’m sure you will never find out who killed your parents and why so if
    I was you leave well alone. You may be the Queens lap dog and I know you are
    Good at your job but the ones you seek are better.

    Yours Faithfully


    Ciel was some what shell shocked as it was the first letter he had had for a long time to do with his parents and he wasn’t to sure how to take it. Pushing his chair back he went to the pull bell near his bed and rung for Tanaka. It didn’t take long for Tanaka to return to his room “Yes Sir?” Tanaka had a small frown on his face due to worry. “Who handed this letter in?” he asked taken aback somewhat Tanaka thought but he honestly couldn’t remember who it was “I’m sorry Sir but I can’t recall” He said as he looked down.

    “Don’t worry I’m sure I will work it out” he said as he stopped passing the floor and moved his chair back to the table as he sat down “I will take my breakfast in my room” he said as he sat there watching Tanaka leave the room but his mind was to full going over the letter he had received.
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  3. She took a sigh as she put on the blonde wig, I grow so tired of waiting for him to agree for this, and besides I hate delivering the letters this way, so unladylike like. She straightens out her dress as she sits on the usual garden bench, Ciel is so stubborn, I don't understand! Usually by now I'd have a deal! I mean christ it's been so many years! She pulls out the letter from 'the mystery girl' and walks towards the front door silently, Hiding her red eyes with the usual green as she gets there she knocks on the door and waits for an answer, Maybe this last letter will work... As the door finally opens she smiles brightly, "Good morning again! I have received another letter for Lord Phantomhive!" She mentally scowls as she uses her sweet voice as she hated the sound of it, "I'm sorry, I probably should have given both at once but I didn't even realize there were two until I got back!"

    She hands the letter to Tanaka and quickly snap her hands behind her back, realizing she had forgotten to put on the gloves and almost revealed the black painted nails and tattoos, while she hid them behind her back she slipped the gloves on quickly, "Have a wonderful day, Mr. Tanaka! Lovely to see you as always!" She chimes, she turns around and begins to walk away, This one better work...

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  4. Ciel was sat at his desk in the drawing room writing a letter to the Queen about the last mission she had sent him on and his concerns over the small village an they stupidity over demons and evil lurking in there one and only grave yard, as he wrote he couldn't help the tiny smirk as he remembered the looks on there pathetic faces as he reviled that in fact it was no Demon just some bored children but he also knew it was these small out of the way villages that a lot of myths and superstitions came from.

    As he was sealing the envelope with his own family's crest there was a knock upon the door, "Yes enter" he said watching as the door opened and Tanaka walked in once again holding the silver tray with a letter upon it not again he thought as Tanaka come closer "Sir this just arrived for you and it was a young woman who delivered it all I can tell you is she was blonde and had stunning green eyes" Tanaka bowed as he placed the envelope in front of Ciel "Thank you Tanaka, could you ask Baldroy to try not to ruin dinner tonight" Tanaka smiled "Yes my lord I will give him a talking to, is there anything else?" "No thank you I have to go into town later just make sure the coach is ready in an hour" Ciel didn't watch as Tanaka left the room he was to busy staring at the envelope in front of him.

    With a deep intake of breath Ciel opened the letter his stomach knotted as he pulled out the paper, before reading the letter he studied the hand writing just as I thought it is the same as all the others he thought, he also couldn't help but admire the pen penmanship the flow of each letter was perfect he had always thought whom ever had been writing to him was of good education and from a good back ground. Just then he felt a pain in his right eye he had this on occasions and it always bought to his mind the day he lost his sight and his family in the back of his mind he could hear a voice of a woman but the words were not clear. With a shaky hand he wiped his forehead where a thin layer of sweat had appeared, shaking his head to clear his mind he read the letter standing up so quickly he sent his chair falling to the ground with a crash.

    Without another thought he grabbed the letter and walked out of the drawing room to find Tanaka. As he walked down the long hallway he could hear voices and he set his path for them. "Where is Tanaka?" Ciel asked Mey-Rin who was dusting the fire place in the great hall and Finnian who was helping "WHAAAA" Mey-Rin cried as she fell off the small steps "Oh" Finnian said as he turned to see Ciel, with a quick movement Ciel caught Mey-Rin just as she was about to hit the floor "I'm sorry for making you jump but it is important I find Tanaka" he said placing the woman back on her feet. Ciel noticed the blush that came to her cheeks but didn't say a thing as Finnian started to talk "Oh Lord Phantomhive Tanaka is in the kitchen with Baldroy" Turning around Ciel walked towards the door "Thank you and sorry again" he said with out looking at the two he walked out of the room and to the kitchen.
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  5. She smiles as she hears a bang from upstairs, she waits in her seat and giggles lightly as she watches a rather flustered and panicky Ciel frantically walking towards the kitchen, Looks like it worked. She follows him silently and watches as Mey-rin blushed as her caught her, her smile disappearing for a moment before she shook it off quickly, What was that? She quickly followed him as he burst into the kitchen and watched carefully, intrigued by the scene, I've never seen him like this... how odd.

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  6. As Ciel burst into the kitchen he could see Tanaka and Baldroy both of whom jumped at the shock of the lord coming to them. "I'm sorry to interrupt but I need a word with Tanaka Baldroy would you mind giving us a moment?" he placed it as a question but there was no way in which Baldroy could say anything other then "Ammm Yes my Lord" with that Baldroy left without another word but the shock and worry where clear on his face as he closed the kitchen door behind him.

    Ciel took a deep breath he had looked at Tanaka as a father figure for the last few years always going to him with his worries and this time it was no different "I'm sorry Tanaka but this woman whom bought this letter does she come often?" he asked still clutching the latest letter in the palm of his hand. Tanaka some what taken back shock his head so he could clear his mind "Yes my Lord she does why is there something wrong?" "Yes very wrong" Ciel said with a deep sigh Tanaka knew about the woman in Ciel's dreams because back when he was just a child the nightmares would wake him and it was always Tanaka who helped him fall asleep again. "This last letter I got say's that who ever wrote it knows about the deal I was offered, all them years ago did you tell anyone about what I had told you in confidence?" Ciel held his breath waiting for the reply he would have never thought Tanaka would do that but in his line of work you learn not to trust anyone one even the ones you saw as family.

    Tanaka moved closer to Ciel and placed his hand on his shoulder "Ciel, I have never told anyone of the things you told me on that I swear my life" Tanaka said with a reassuring squeeze and smile, Ciel relaxed and sighed deep "I didn't think you would but that must mean it wasn't just a dream all them years ago when I was unconscious" it was Tanaka's turn to take a deep breath "Come Ciel sit down" with that Tanaka walked over to the small table where he and the others ate dinner every night.

    "Yes it was a dream and I never thought it would or could be anything other, but back in Japan we had legends of Demons who feasted on people's souls, these Demons would turn up when someone was at there lowest and offer them everything they wanted in return all they had to give up was their soul's on the day they died and to many it was unthinkable as you are re-born or you spend the rest of eternity looking after the family you left behind but with out a soul that was not possible" Tanaka took a breath "But I my self had never seen or heard of anyone close to me being given this choice so I still say it's all legend but who really knows?" he said as a question but a rhetorical one knowing Ciel wouldn't be able to answer it as no one knew what was really out there.

    Ciel took in everything Tanaka had said and lowered his head "Do you think these letters could come from this Demon thing ?" "It is possible if it is true" Tanaka said just as the front door bell chimed "That must be my coach" Ciel said standing up "Thank you Tanaka for your time" with that said he left the room and went to the hall where Finnian was waiting for him with his coat and stick, "Have a good day my Lord" he said as Ciel walked out of the door and into the waiting coach. His mind still all over the place with everything that had happened that morning but he had no time to think about it as he had been invited to the opening of a new museum.
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  7. She quickly changes into a formal dress keeping the blonde wig and her eyes green she walked into the museum and pretended to admire everything along with speak with a few 'old friends' she kept a smile on her face as her mind raced, growing inpatient for Ciel to get there, Nicole smiles and laughs lightly as she curtsies at the old man talking to her before turning around and running into a blonde man who's eyes widened with a smile spreading across his face, "so beautiful..." He whispers, she takes a step back and gives him an awkward smile, "U-uhm, Sorry, please excuse my clumsiness." She curtsies once more before trying to walk past him but is quickly stopped by her arm being grabbing firmly.
  8. As Ciel walked through the open doors of the new museum he was greeted by the greeters "Good day Lord Phantomhive" on said as he walked in to the main hall way with a small nod of acknowledgment Ciel walked pasted as a butler come up to him "Good day Lord Phantomhive please let me take you coat and cane" "Very well" Ciel said and let the man help him out of his coat. Once all that had been done Ciel was free to move as he got closer to the doors right in front of him the door men opened it with smiles and the first thing he was greeted with where a few women who curtsied and called out there hello's Ciel smiled on the outside but he was thinking and not for the first time why the hell had he bothered coming it was the same everywhere he went being on of London's most known and wealthy bachelors he always had females throwing themselves at him, but he was not interested he needed someone whom could deal with the danger in his life and non of these females could and he knew it.

    Quickly moving on before on of them attached he walked up the few steeps and into one of the main room of exhibits, walking around he said good days to those who said them to him and just glanced at the bit's and pieces around him when he saw out of the corner of his eye a woman the most beautiful woman he had ever seen being grabbed by a bruit of a man, changing his step and with more speed Ciel walked over to them both.

    Without even looking at the male Ciel smiled "Good day miss, is this man bothering you or does he normally drag you by your arm like a cave man?" Ciel asked as he stood ready for what ever may happen.
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  9. That voice... Nicole turned her focus to Ciel and at first stared in awe but quickly formed a small smile, "No, this is usual but usually it's by more gentle men," She jokes before glaring at the man who she had realized was still holding onto her and pushed him off gently, "Get off you pig!" She took a few steps back and fixed her dress and her gloves, she stayed silent for fear of him recognizing her voice. After completely fixing herself back up she looked up at the familiar face and for once- was speechless. This was the first time that she was this close to him and that he was actually looking back. "Thank you," She whispers with a curtsie following after it, "You seemed to have scared him which is probably the only reason he accepted the shove.

    Nicole studied his face and blushed lightly, Why am I blushing? Noticing that she was blushing she snapped her focus to her hands in silence, tracing her demon symbol that was tattooed to her wrist over her clothes she was strangely comfortable in the silence between them and rather enjoyed listening to the small chatter around them, hearing a few 'Hello Ciel!'s' from rather attractive females passing by, Nicole scrunch her nose, Why does it bother me so much? She giggles lightly and gave a small wink to him, "You seem quite popular around here, although I don't believe we've met before."
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  10. Ciel smiled as the woman pulled herself free from the thing that was holding her, as she spoke to the so called male Ciel's heart jumped that voice he thought but before he could hold on to it the thought slipped away and so did what ever memories were trying to surface. Ciel stood straight and looked down to the young woman with a warm look in his eye "There is no need to thank me, I really did nothing" he said pushing her thanks aside, noticing her blush he raised his eyebrow ever so slightly I wonder what made her blush he thought.

    Ciel could hear the conversation going on around him and every time his name was called he done his best to call hello's but it was clear from his body language that no one was to get any closer then just a quick walk by. Ciel sighed "Yes I can be popular but no one really cares I'm just a huge pound sign to them, and I do believe you are right we have not meet and I thought I knew everyone whom was in the high society's, but it appears I had that wrong I'm Lord Ciel Phantomhive and you would be?" he asked and for the first time in a long time he was enjoying himself at a normally extremely boring social event.
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  11. I wonder if he's noticed my voice... from the looks of it I'm in the clear! She quickly tried to shake of the blush as she smiled lightly at him, "Well, You did make him a bit stunned so yeah, you did help me!" She watched as he shrugged off the females and continued to focus on their conversation, making her smile softly, "I see, well on the bright side you'll never be lonely, You could always just call one up," She laughs lightly, "My name is Nicole Buche, It's absolutely lovely to meet you!" She smiled lightly and held her hand out to him, "And here I thought I'd met everyone as well," She smiles and didn't break eye contact with him, fighting the weird feeling she got she quickly dropped her hand and looked towards someone walking towards her who she quickly recognized as her friend Lau.

    "Goodness me! Hello Lau, it's lovely to see you! This is Ciel, I'm sure you know him already though!" She smiles at him as he says his hello's to Ciel and quickly turned back towards her, "Would you mind joining me for a dance?" She smiled awkwardly at him and shook his head, "Maybe in a moment, I'm rather busy right now!" He nods and smiles, leaning in to whisper in her ear she smiled, "A crush already? Better hold onto that while it lasts, Ciel is a very wanted man you know." You have no idea...

    Nicole quickly laughs and shook her head, "Yes, yes, I'll see you later!" He nods and walks away, as soon as he was out of sight she turned off the smile and turned towards him, "Sorry! He's a creep at times so I'm glad you were here, plus I really hate dancing!" She chuckles and admires everything, "So, Tell me something about you then?"
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