Oblitus: The Forgotten

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  1. It was around night time at the small out post nicknamed Oblitus. Oblitus was located at an old strong hold that was completely run down and tore apart. You see at one point their was a war between the Primus and Oderunt which was started over territory and ended due to the sudden attack of another force which were basically aliens. At first they thought it was another empire from over seas who were not playing by the rules of war that their planet tried to enforce because their uniforms were unrecognizable. After almost an entire year of both Primus and Oderunt teaming up they found out the beings they were fighting were really a forgotten colony they sent off to inhabit a planet back when world peace was a 'thing'.

    Anyways, it was night time and the war between The Forgotten, as they called themselves, and the Protelum, what Primus and Oberunt called their alliance, had just taken a turn. The Forgotten brought in a huge ship that was carrying large amounts of weapons and supplies. It was heavily armored and had a large enough gun to take out seven square miles per shot. Seeing this no one felt like starting a fight. The ship stopped just over Oblitus and it landed on an air space, taking up the entire runway which was just long enough to land small cargo planes and fighter jets. An army started to march off and unload equipment before literally knocking on the door and asking if they could take the base peacefully. Of course the only option for the few men an woman was to surrender and be taken prisoner.

    Now, only hours after, those who had enough sense to go peacefully were now in holding cells discussing their next move while the base was filled with supplies from the giant ship. It was a strange thing, once the worlds strongest outpost was now peacefully surrendering without even holding a gun in opposition. What would everyone else think? Does this mean the end of the war? The Forgotten won?



    Try to put something into your posts. Try to avoid one liners and say something more than, 'He was cold so he shivered.' Expand posts into things like 'It was cold, though he lost all feeling thanks to the numbness, he could still tell because every time he breathed out he could see his breath. Slowly he rose hoping if he walked around a little the warmth might come back.'

    If their is a strong character that someone built up you can't just kill it one shot or one go. Consider it a 'boss' like in a video game. Something that is challenging. Something that you have to work together to beat.

    Nothing overly dramatic. I'm fine with bad back stories and talking over things with each other. Just don't jump overboard and make your character have all these problems that really drag down the team. Keep it realistic.

    Ask me before adding something that could potentially change the entire plot, I want you to add things and be creative and make this thing a great time but if you jump in and add all these things that completely change everything then I can't really go along with a story.
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  2. Jim Wistleson, better known as Techkid, sat in the cell holding his knees as he looked at everyone else. They were all over 20 years of age and each one had their own specialty. Jim was a techwiz and the youngest of the group which is how he eared his nickname. He was the smartest out of the group, when it came to gadgets that is, and was the go to man when something broke, otherwise he wasn't helpful. Jim was a short guy, black hair and blue eyes, with a pale tan and a large pair of glasses. He had a T-shirt on which was covered in grease stains and an old ripped pair of jeans that at one point weren't ripped at all. He shivered slightly thanks to the cold and hugged his legs tighter. "So, what are we going to do?" He said quietly as he listened to the ruckus they were making up stairs. One of them apparently tried to turn on one of his drones and a large explosion went off. They hit the wrong button...
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  3. "Come on man!" Ridiger shook his head at the idiot who tried to turn on the drones. How could you be so ill you try to start the drones on the ship? "Smooth man, smooth." Ridiger sighed, he knew it was hopeless trying to plot a way out of here. However, he wouldn't just demoralize Techkid. "So Techkiddo. You have any ideas? I'm drawing a blank." Ridiger leaned back shaking, he was the only one not shivering because of the cold, Ridiger was quivering because he knew something else would happen to them. Especially after that big explosion. Ridiger knew that they were properly fucked.
  4. Tech-kid looked over at Ridiger and sighed, "I have no idea. I'm not much use unless I have something to tinker with." He looked out the cell door which was a solid see threw piece of metal that the forgotten discovered on the planet they inhabited. The 'glass' would shock you if you touched it and he already figured out they were on the giant ship that landed near the old torn up base. If only they were smart enough to fortify all the bases, not just the capitals. If their leader was just smart enough to see the Forgotten only needed a landing zone, that was the only thing holding them back. And now they had one. "I know we had to surrender, but I can't say it was the right choice. Before I thought we could combat them, they seemed few in numbers but that was just the scouting party. I never thought an abandoned colony would grow this large and powerful." He sighed, "It wasn't even our generation that abandoned them..."