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  • The country of Oz. Just a little farther than here, but a little closer than there, in the middle of over-that-way. A big country, forgotten by time, maps and people.

    Though Oz isn't the pleasant little country that everyone knew and loved, but it's surviving cities are beautiful.

    The Emerald City stands high, shining brightly, surrounded by a field of poppies. A "yellow brick road" made of gold leads to the gates from the road side, standing out against the deserted farm land and destroyed houses that sit around it. It's a beautiful city, left in the ruin of a past society. Despite it's well-kept state, and it's beautiful craftsmanship, no one enters the Emerald City. The Emerald City is a place of death, for when one goes in, they never come out, as cliche as that is.

    Quite a few miles down from the Emerald City is a small city, the Diamond City. It sparkles just as eloquently as the Emerald City, though stands a little bit shorter, and is a little less wide than the bigger city, Emerald.

    Despite Diamond's size, and it's lack of fame, the city is nice. The buildings are nice, the food is nice, the people are nice...that is, during the day.

    Nobody exits their homes at night. There are no parties outdoors, and there are no police on guard. Nobody stays in the back alleys, and no one meets up. There's never a dinner outing, nor are there nighttime weddings. Once the sun begins to set, the people of Oz disappear into their homes and close the blinds, because at night, the Wizard comes.

    The Wizard is spoken about all through out the city. "Be kind, or the Wizard will get you", "Don't forget your medicine! You don't want to leave it here or the Wizard will take it". Nobody has seen the Wizard, nor does anyone want to. The Wizard is the person who is feared the most. He's Oz's boogieman.

    The Wizard was a figure of strength, prosperity, and happiness at one point in Oz's past. He saw into the future, read into your past, helped you with your troubles, and brought joy to everyone in the town. But one day the Wizard disappeared, and that's when the disappearances happened.
    At night, people would begin to disappear. When it first started, it was once every time the Blue Moon came out. Then it became more frequent, once every month. Than once every week. Than one every day. Until no one in the Emerald City, was gone. Either they left the city, or disappeared.

    It was, and still is, rumored that at night the Wizard comes out, collecting the people who are out, taking them back to the large, abandoned, Emerald City. What becomes of them, no one knows. The family of the person lost will receive a great sum of money the day after their gone, left at their doorstep in the night, but never once is the person returned.

    There are people outside who find the city, all for their own reasons. Though whatever reason, they stumble upon the country of Oz. The residents always accept the newcomers with open arms, but one way or another, the new comers always seem to disappear into thin air.

    Welcome, to the Country of Oz.


  • The Laws of Oz

  • In Terms of Gameplay...
    No godmoding, powerplaying, Mary-Sue's, Gary-Stu's, or anything that falls into the realms of annoying.

    When It Comes To Writing...
    I want decent sized posts. Not everyone has the ability to write a book each post and I realize that. Please, just write at the
    minimum 4 paragraphs (16 sentences) per post. Also, if you could check your spelling, that would be fantastic. I accept mistakes every now and then, of course! But not all the time. No **'s, []'s, or anything like that.

    Peace Among Players.
    Not everyone will get along, and I realize that. Though please, don't fight, back stab, or in general cause "wank" in the role play. If it's getting to become a serious problem, please come to me (or any other mods if we end up getting others) and report it! I (we) will try our best to sort out the problem.

    'Till Death Do Us Part...
    can happen in the role play. If you have a problem with this, please, just tell me. I'll understand if you don't want your character to die! But if not, there's a chance they will.

    Speaking Of Killing...
    Your characters
    can go at it with one another! Just get permission from the other player before you start killing each other off, 'kay?

    Love Is In The Air.
    Romance is allowed. Romance and drama keep stuff alive, baby! Let's get it hot in here! Well, no sex but...you know what I mean.

    Where Do Applications Go?
    Post them here, please. I'll tell you if they're accepted or not once I've read them.

    What Is A Name?
    Name your PM
    "OZ". It's just easier for me to tell why I'm being PM'd.

    The Wizard...
    Has the right to add more rules when necessary.

  • Some People Are Different Than Others
    Character Types

    Citizen: A citizen of the Oz. [unlimited amount allowed.]

    Dorothy: A foreigner that has come to Oz. [two allowed. 1/2]

    Cowardly Lion: A test-subject from the Ruby City, who was used in medical experiments. Do to all that they've been through at the testing facility, they've become very cowardly. [two allowed. 0/2]

    Tin-Man: A police officer. He appears cold to almost everyone, and doesn't have much to say. Tin-Men are strictly business, and serves under the Mayor of Diamond. Tin-Men are trained officials, so are generally pretty physically powerful, though this doesn't mean they don't carry firearms. [two allowed 0/2.]

    Scarecrow: An escapee from an insane asylum. After being incredibly medicated, as well as going through electro-therapy treatments, the patient is usually very calm, but also very scatterbrained. [two allowed. 0/2]

    T.O.D.O.: Trainee of Operation, Direction, and Observation. A beginner in the business of political protection. A TODO usually sticks to a Dorothy, working as an escort or bodyguard for them to prove their ability to their higher-ups. TODO are usually armed with quite a lot of weapons, ranging from pocket knives to gun easily concealed. [two allowed. 1/2]

  • The Cities of Oz

    There are three remaining cities of Oz: The Emerald City, the Diamond City, and the Ruby City.

    The Emerald City;
    Once the main city of Oz. It's now become an abandoned city after the notorious disappearances that happened years before. Despite the lack of people there, it always seems to keep in nice shape, the poppies growing beautifully around it, the "yellow brick road" well kept, and every building continued to be cleaned and well taken care of. On some nights, lights can be seen coming from the city.

    The Diamond City:
    Smaller than the Emerald City, but just as beautiful. An array of daisies surrounds the city. The buildings are made of glistening diamonds, and is always well-kept. During the day there's always a good amount of people out and about. The storekeepers are nice, and even cart-sellers are generous. In general, the place seems flawless; the imperfections ignored, and most of the citizens act as they don't exist.

    The Ruby City:
    A city that was once known for it's large marketplace and sales, where most politicians lived and the aristocrats of Oz stayed in. Though now, after a new mayor began rule over the city, it's turned into an experimental wonderland. Testing facilities, insane asylums, and keeping cells fill the once homey buildings. Nobody visits, and residents never leave. That is, when the system is going according to plan.

  • Certificate of Residency

    [B]Username:[/B] (Your username.)
    [B]Name:[/B] (First and Last. Middle if you feel the need.)
    [B]Age:[/B] (No younger than fourteen, please.)
    [B]Sex:[/B] (Male or Female)
    [B]D.O.B.:[/B] (When they were born.)
    [B]Residency:[/B] (Native to Oz, or did they come from elsewhere?)
    [B]Role:[/B] (Are you a Citizen? A Dorothy? A Lion? What are you?)
    [B]Hair:[/B] (Color, style, length. Whatever needs to be said about their hair.)
    [B]Skin:[/B] (Color, birthmarks, whatever you need to say about their skin.)
    [B]Eyes:[/B] (Color, size, whatever you need to get across what their eyes look like.)
    [B]Clothing:[/B] (description of what they wear/usually are seen in/clothing style.)
    [B]Extra Physical:[/B] (scars, tattoos, piercings, etc.)
    [B]Personality:[/B] (No lists.)
    [B]History:[/B] (Optional. I know some people like to put history, though.)
    [B]Other:[/B] (Optional. Whatever else you believe is needed to be said.)
    [B]Roleplay Sample:[/B]