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  1. In this rp, inspired by The Decemberists, I have MC, a male that is in love with YC's sister. YC doesn't take too much of a liking to my character, and this, a little hatred occurs. Out to dinner, at lunch, even at school-- MC is with her, and you're sick of it.

    But one day, she goes missing. YC and MC make an unlikely band to save her, but... something sparks on the way. YC sees what his sister fell in love with, and MC falls in love with how determined he is.

    Will they find YC's sister? Will their love last?
    1) Please send an example of how you RP via PM, along with a description about yourself.
    2) Please be active in this RP.
    3) Atleast five paragraphs per reply.
    4) Help me plot/form ideas/ect.
    5) Have fun with me!
    I had plans for this to be Liberteen, but if that dosn't quite work, I can handle a little less of the love I'd like. Happy Holidays~!​
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  2. I was wondering if at all possible you were still wantng to do this?
  3. I apologize, I already filled this thread.
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