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  1. This RP is based in the environment of Sword Art Online. Yes, don't worry, the players will be getting trapped inside the game again.

    April 2026: A new version of the Nervegear/Amusphere is released by a competitor company that boasts 240 frames per second as well as a 0 millisecond ping time, regardless of internet quality. They refuse to specify how they achieved this, though testers report that it isn't an exaggeration. It is named Project Mindstorm.

    May 2026: A new VRMMO's Beta is released specifically for the new system, and is programmed to run only on the Mindstorm. If a competitor product tries to use it, the player will receive a log in error. This game is Nyxos Online, an MMO based loosely on greek mythology. Only 300 players were accepted onto this beta, with the remaining testers being company employees.

    July 2026: Official release of Five Rivers Online. 30,000 copies are distributed.

    Today, 1PM: 2 days have passed since the release of Nyxos Online, and players have had plenty of time to beat the tutorial stages of the game, make friends and form parties. 1PM marks the opening ceremony of the game, at which the gates of the starting city will open for the first time and players will be able to begin their adventures.

    About Nyxos:


    The world of Nyxos is a vast a varied place. It consists of 3 realms - the Overworld, the Underworld, and the Ethereal Planes. The Overworld is much like earth, only a little more magical. It is populated by all kinds of fantastical races, some of which are playable, some of which are NPC only and the majority of which are hostile. Players can use magic in the Overworld, however, what they can do with it is incredibly limited, since the game designers wanted to keep the feel that SAO had with their physical weapons and sword skills.

    The Underworld is the realm of the dead. This realm does not pick and choose as religious mythology might suggest. Everyone who dies ends up there, and what they do from that point is up to them. Players are exempt from this. Anyone who dies, dies, and the only way to access the underworld is to enter while still alive. The Ethereal Plane is a very high level area occupied mainly by NPCs. The quests they give are phenomenally difficult, but grant almost game breaking rewards upon their completion.

    There is a huge range of races, armours, weapons and magic archetypes, allowing for potentially infinite numbers of combinations. Since there's no reason for me to list everything that's allowable, I'll let you decide for yourself and as long as it's not inappropriate, for example, a shotgun-wielding, dinosaur riding merfolk fire mage, it should be fine.

    The most unique part of Nyxos Online is it's magic system. It does not run like other MMOs, where there are a limited number of skills and players either press a button or (in the case of VRMMOs), chant a ritual, to activate the skill. Instead, the magic system is description based. Spells can be cast in various different ways, but always, the spell must be described while channeling Mana. Most players choose to begin channeling Mana, then verbally describe the spell. Others may prefer to craft an item, such as a scroll or sword, then write the description on the item. Then, when they channel mana through the item, the spell will be cast.

    Whenever a spell is cast, a visual something like this will appear. The larger and more complex the visual, the more powerful the spell.
    Show Spoiler


    A very limited number of players may gain something known as a Master Seal. This is a passive effect that remains permanently on the player, which describes a certain spell. By channeling mana through this Seal, the spell will be cast. Master Seals can be cast almost instantaneously because of this, even without the use of an item. So far, only 10 players possess Master Seals. These players were the 10 who achieved the highest ranking in the beta. Each Master Seal is unique, and was developed specifically to tailor to that beta tester's play style. The other beta testers received rare (but low level) items as compensation for the loss of their character data.

    For those who don't invest enough in their Intelligence stat to make use of magic, Sword Skills also exist in Nyxos, and function in an identical fashion to those in SAO. Their range has been expanded considerably to allow for other types of weapons, including polearms, bows and even shields. Weapons larger than daggers cannot be dual-wielded, but it is possible to wield a weapon at the same time as wielding magic.

    Miscellaneous info:
    The money within Nyxos is called Xen, a pun based on "yen".
    The economy is player driven. The only NPC stores are level 1-5 and present only within the starting town. Items are bought and sold for default price here, and you can only sell to an NPC if they have enough money to buy your item. NPC stores are not infinite, but their inventory resets every 2 days.
    The environment becomes hostile very quickly outside of the towns, so most players stick to the safe zones and the low level fields.
    Just like SAO, resources (EXP, Money and rare items) are limited, but will not become zero completely. Even after 10 years of people picking the low level areas clean, a monster will drop at least 1 XP and 1 Xen upon death.
    AI in Nyxos is very advanced. NPCs think and act just like players, with the exception of already having come to accept that they're stuck in a game and not having any will to get out of it. Without the blue NPC marker above them, they would be mistaken for players. The monsters also use this same AI system. If a boss survives an encounter, it will learn from it's attacker's actions and become more difficult to kill.

    Excluding certain quest-related areas, there are no dungeons within Nyxos. Boss monsters roam around the environment at will. A boss monster will not attack on sight like a low level monster, but will also not take damage until a player has "initiated" battle by attacking the boss with something. There is usually an adequate supply of pebbles lying around, which work fine for this purpose.

    All these apply to the character played, not the character's Real Life form. Excluding the backstory, that is. I am unlikely to accept people who claim to possess a Master Seal, though, if you can convince me that you won't be OP with it, I'll let you have it.

    (Anime only please)
    Favoured battle type:
    (Physical weapons, magic or a bit of both? Which weapons/spells do they use most?)
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  2. Count this as my interest. I don't like the anime, but the idea of this kind of game intrigues me regardless. I'll make a character, if you'll allow it.
  3. Sure, feel free. I liked the first 14 episodes but after that all the psychological issues were removed and I stopped caring. I do like the setting though so I tend to use it a lot. Nice avatar, too.
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