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  1. "Find him, my child, he is our only hope"
    Thavara woke from the dream and she facepalmed as she thought of her mother. Time is running and she can't waste even a single minute. With a heavy sigh, she threw the blankets aside and went to the bathroom. She turned on the shower, and as she waited for the water to turn hot, she went to the sink and looked in the mirror to examine herself. Dark circles had formed around her eyes, due to lack of sleep and her skin, pale. She sighed again and turned on the tap, splashing her face with water before stripping, a huge dragon symbol covered her back. Testing the shower and deeming it warm enough, she went in and groaned as they relaxed her tensed muscle. She closed her eyes and relaxed, leaning against the wall, letting the water gush on her like waterfall. After a few minutes, she shampooed her hair and body while standing under the running water. Finished, she dried herself and took out a sleeveless black top and wore it together with a tight black pants for easy movements. Finished she exited the room and went down to the main room, the tavern.

    She scanned the room and manoeuvred her way towards the back end of the tavern, where a table was free. She sat down and looked around, her sitting position gave her a good vantage of the room, her ears perking up as she listened to conversations around her. She was on a mission and she needed to find someone to help her. She had travelled far from her village and went to this town for it was rumoured to be known for having the best fighters. The journey she was going on, would be dangerous and she needed help. She had been on lookout and had asked around, but so far, she had no luck in finding one who would be interested in going on this journey with her. She sighed as she continued to look around, her eyes scanning as she kept her focus on finding that one person who would be willing to travel with her on this perlious journey.
  2. Raxus walked with in a small tavern opening the wooden door. The man was just a bit rugged around the edges today. He just arrived from a long journey, “Bar keep, I need something special today.” He let out. His mouth raise a small smile, the man was walking past everyone to sit up onto a stool close to the bar. He then scanned the room and breathed in a deep breath. “I am looking for someone or anyone who wants to accompany me on a journey to the great dragon!” He let out. Raxus held the hilt of his large curved blade he moved it to set it against the bar. The man looked around and sighed it didn’t seem anyone wanted to join. He fixed his Jacket and grabbed his drink. He looked around and saw a girl sitting alone all the way in the back.

    It was time he takes his move he grabbed his blade and picked it up along with his drink taking it over to the table with the girl. Once sat down and leaned the sword up against the wall, he took a sip of his drink and looked at her. “So what a pretty face like you doing here?” He said smirking, just a bit. He knew if he wasn’t going to find a journeying companion they might as well flirt a bit before he left back onto his trail. He was rather happy to see a pretty face; it has been a while since he has seen a pretty girl. “So, are you thirsty? I can get you a drink? Also the name is Raxus.” He stated taking his second sip of his drink.
  3. Thavara stared at him incredulously at his forward behaviour. To think she was actually excited that there was someone wanting to go on a same journey as her. "Idiot" She mumbled under her breath. Deciding to ignore him, for she was not in the mood, she stood up and walked towards the bar. She sat on one of the available stools and ordered juice. With her hands on the countertop, overlapping each other, she placed her chin on her hands, closing her eyes. She was tired and her fatigue was catching up to her. Sighing, she took a swig off the glass when the bartender had served her her drink. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before standing up and going back upstairs to her room, when she remembered the weird guy. She shook her head but groaned as she turned and walked back towards him. He was her best chance and she could not let it slip.

    She sat back in front of him, leaning against the chair with her arms crossed. She scrutinized him and his sword for a moment before opening her mouth. "How good are you at fighting? And what is your reason for wanting to meet the dragon?" Her voice was soft and high, but firm as she frowned looking at him, tapping her fingers on the table as she waits for his answer.
  4. He looked at her and smirked he knew should would come right back. "Your a rather easy girl to read." He bluntly stated. Now when he heard the questions she asked him, he set his arms on the table interlocking his fingers together. "My reasonings are rather easy to see. Also to answer your other question, if i wasn't a good fighter i would have never been able to get my blade forge from dragon scales." He stated smirking feeling very high about himself.

    He was waiting for her next respond and or question. He was pleased with his answers completely dumbfounded that he was a dragon.
  5. She stiffened and her eyes widened at his words and stared at him for quite some time. "a blade from a dragon scale" She repeated those words softly under her breath as she girpped the ends of the table, not believing his words. She looked at him sceptically before looking back at the sword. "May I see your sword?" Her heart pounded as she awaited his answer.
  6. He looked over at her and pulled over his blade laying it across the table. There was a vibrant red scale running up and down the back end of the blade. The hilt was black leather wrapped around a strong dragon bone. "This is my blade, I named is Fiery, because you see this." He pointed his hands to the orange orb in the center of the hilt and blade. "This is the eyes of the dragon, after a dragon looses its flame, there eyes crystallize and become this." He stated knowing this because he has killed plenty of dragons before. He looked at her hands and saw how she gripped the end of the table, this was a rather intriguing to him.

    "You know its rather strange to see a dragon lover. They are arrogant and monstrous creatures. They killed my family and i wont stop till every last one of them are killed off the face of the earth." He told her pulled the blade away and back up against the wall.
  7. Her hand shook as she slightly touched the blade when he put it across from her. Her pupils became dilated and glistened as tears started to form in her eyes. Not wanting him to see it, she gulped and closed her eyes, willing the tears to go away. She reopened her eyes and anger flickered, hatred started to boil in her veins. She hissed and bared her teeth at him.
    "You humans are selfish and will never understand. Always always thinking about yourselves and not everything else around you. Always playing the victim. You should remember, there is always two sides to a coin and three sides to a story"

    Forgetting herself, her eyes had turned to slits as her whole body shook. Standing up, she banged the table and gave one last hateful glare to him before storming off upstairs to her room. Never. She will never ask for help from the likes of those filthy humans ever again. She slammed the door behind her and leaned against the door as she took deep breaths, trying to calm herself.
  8. This raging out burst was rather strange to Raxus. He had never seen another human talk about humans in the third person. It was like she was a dragon herself and she was offended. Raxus arose from his chair and touched his sword, his eyes flashed and he felt the deep sorrow and suffering of the dragon that was used and killed to make this blade. A sudden urge to throw up came upon him, he clenched his stomach rather quickly and covering his mouth. Then the sight stopped he fell to his knees a blank emotion came across his face. He was shocked at what he just saw, he ran up to the girls room knocking on her door. "Please open up i know what you saw." Thinking she was seeing the same visions he did.
  9. Once calmed, Thavara moved away from the door and took out her luggage, placing it on her bed, opening the cover. She went to the bathroom and took her toiletry set before going back towards the bed and putting the toiletry set in the luggage. Seeing as she had not truly unpacked, there was nothing else. She closed it and placed it aside when she heard the knock on the door.

    "Who is it?"

    When she heard the answer, she became perplexed.

    "I know what you saw."

    What did she see? Who was it? Curious, she walked towards the door and her right hand reached out and grabbed the knob, twisting it. She opened it slightly and when she saw him at the door, she gribbed the knob and swung the door, in an attempt to shut it"

    "Begone. I do not want to see nor hear what you want to say."
  10. Seeing the door able to shut, Raxu rather swiftly stopped the door from completely shutting. "Come on, I know what you meant, I heart that dragon greatly, I'm sorry...... But if i meet the legendary dragon and i get its forgiveness i will stop hearing the cry's of its agony ringing in my ears, seeing its pain right?" He asked seeing how she knew more about dragons then he ever would. He didnt know how to explain what was going on with him, but he was hoping she would. "Please im begging you, I need your help." He pleaded with her, he was desperate and also he rather liked to see her face.
  11. She sighed and even though she was a little curious about what he meant, she shook her head and gave him a sad smile.

    "I do not know what you are talking about, but the legendary dragon will not be able to help you and neither can I. Whatever it is, it is your conscience and it is also, your heart."

    She reached out and poked his chest before letting it it go limp beside her.
  12. He still held the door open, not taking no for an answer. "You know nothing about me, also what I just saw wasnt, be feeling guilty. It wasnt my conscience telling me anything. What I saw was the pain the dragon went through I felt its pain....." He stated as he let go of the door running his hand across his chest, seeing what the dragon saw. A blade running across slicing it open. He was horrified now, he was a top notch dragon slayer, but now he is being spooked by dragons blood? "Whats, happening to me? Why now?" He asked clenching his head as if he was going insane.
  13. She shook her head and quickly grabbed the maid that passed by. "Please bring me some sweet meat and a jug of juice." She let go of the maid after she nodded and looked back at him, her head tilted in curiosity as she watched his every movement. Without a word, she turned her back on him as she walked into her room, her door opened wide. She closed her luggage and zipped it before looking back at him. "I do not know, in all honesty. I can't help you for I've never heard of anything like this. Maybe the Great Dragon can help but I can't guarantee anything." Her voice was soft and she gave him a small smile.
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