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  1. So, I finally have to ask this, but are there numbers that seem to pop up around you more often than they should?
    Like, you look at the clock and it's 10. You go outside and there are ten people standing out there. You see that number throughout the day or even week for that matter, and you just keep seeing it. It gets to the point where it starts to get creepy.

    Does anyone ever get a number that pops up around them? What about lucky numbers, do you believe in that?

    This is not a religious debate. Don't make it into one.

    For me, the number eleven pops up all the time. I can't seem to escape it; every time I gaze at the clock, it's 11. I've wondered about the significance in numbers, and actually I found it to be quite the fascinating read.


    So, what say you about it? Is it just a coincidence or do you think it means something further?
  2. Eight is my number. I was born on 8/8/1984 at 8:12 and I weighed 8lbs 4 oz. There is another 8 in there somewhere, I forget what. I prefer things in eights, fours, or twos. That's about it.
  3. Eight and eighteen are mine. 8/18/1996, at 8:18 PM, weighing nine pounds and two ounces (also 8 18 in an improper fraction).
    I'm about to turn 18, so we'll see how that turns out, but 8 was my favorite childhood year. August is usually a good month for me, the eighth a good day, though 2008 wasn't all that special.
    Anyways, you'll often see me repeating groups of eight or eighteen. ^^ especially eight.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.