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  1. Welcome

    I've tried to hold this on a couple of different sites, and it always sort of fell flat. I have faith that it could work out here, so here goes nothing, am I right?

    Numbers takes place in what is basically an alternate variation of Earth. Each continent is ruled by three Oligarchy members. Along with that, there's a caste system based on numbers.​

    1 - Members of the Oligarchy
    2 - Direct relatives of those in the Oligarchy
    3 - CEOs and Higher Ups of major companies
    4 - The Generally Wealthy
    5 - Upper middle class
    6 - Middle class
    7 - Lower middle class
    8 - Lower class
    9-13 - Variations of the lower class
    14 - Servants
    15 - Slaves
    16 - Although not a legitimate number, it is a term used to identify those who gave up their higher class status
    0 - Off the grid
    W - Members of The Watch

    The purpose of this Role Play is to develop this world for further use and to see what it would be like for children and teenagers in it. That being said, being part of the Oligarchy is off limits.

    More About the World

    The world that Numbers takes place in has some distinctive qualities you may want to take note of.

    - The caste system is flexible. A child will inherit the caste of it's parents, but when he/she reaches adulthood, their caste may be reassigned.

    - There are schools in this world, but the majority are boarding
    schools where students only get to see their parents every so often.

    - Additionally, usually only children who are 2s-6s can attend school because it's paid for.

    - The Watch is basically a police system which is extremely flawed.

    - I like to compare this world's technology to what it was like in the United States in 2004.
    If you are interested or have any questions, please let me know!
  2. I'd love more detail on the variations.

    How does a caste get reassigned? Is it done by marriage? Job skills? Trial by combat?

    Also have you read The Selection series by Keira Cass? I've only read the first one, but the caste system sounds vaguely like that.
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  3. The variations may end up being eliminated from the end product. It's basically a downwards scale. 9s are very close to the 8s, but might have more children or mouths to feed. 13s might be homeless, but must still have an income.

    A caste is reassigned based on income, usually. Income and criminal record would be the main factors brought into play. I should probably note that members of the watch don't have a caste, which I guess you could consider a reassignment of caste.

    I've heard of it briefly and it looked interesting but kind of frightening because I had vague idea of this story at the time and then I hear about this book, read a couple pages and realize that it was even more interesting and frightening than I thought.
  4. Interested! :)
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